17 March 2013


Lately I've been going through a lot of changes and made some decisions.

In roughly a year, I will be moving to Georgia with my boyfriend, one of our closest friends, and her children.

We are looking into property with land attached, and have discussed ways of becoming totally self sufficient and pretty much off of the grid as far as power and other means of consumption are concerned. We're going to have our own garden so we can grow and can our own food, I'm going to have chickens for fresh eggs, and we are going to rely on hunting during season to feed us the year round. We also plan on making most of our clothing, personal hygiene supplies, and pretty much anything else that we need that we can make ourselves.

Along with those changes comes the decision that I will no longer be studying finance. It just isn't where my passions lie anymore.

After my experience at the hospital, and my newfound courage when it comes to needles, I think I want to go into the medical field.

This works, mainly for the fact that the second largest hospital in Georgia is located in the city we will be moving to. Bonus number two? It's got one of only two level one trauma centers in the state of GA.

And if I need a change of scenery for a few days, Atlanta is only about an hour or so away. Endless restaurants, shopping, concerts, and cons. Life will be good.

Reflecting my change in attitude and mentality, this blog will be changing as well. I know it's gravitated away from a beauty blog. It did that a while ago. Now this will be my personal space for whatever the hell suits me at the time. It will also be my log of daily life.

I thank all of my followers that were following this fledgling beauty blog, and I hope you don't decide to unfollow because it isn't targeting the same demographic it once did. I've met some amazing people through this experience thus far and hope that you will grow along with  me.

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