02 November 2013

Broken Ankle Blues Part 5000

My ankle still hurts me on the daily. It's been nine months and I'm still ready to chop this thing off and go all Hershel. 

The pain varies day by day, like today my entire foot is swollen and I feel like my metal is gonna blow out on me when I walk. Some days it is the pins, like yesterday. 

I wonder if I pushed myself too hard to get out of my wheelchair. 

When I got my tickets for Spooky Empire, I was determined to not be in my chair when I met Norman Reedus, since he was the entire reason I was going. I pushed myself through physical therapy and was walking and had full range of motion a lot earlier than most people with my same injuries. I was gonna walk and stand for a photo op, damn it!

Then he cancelled and I kinda went a little nuts - I had spent my entire tax return on tickets and hotel, not counting the pain I had gone through to get out of that fucking chair. 

I'm not blaming Norman Reedus by any means, even though he's the reason I pushed so hard. Sounds fucking ridiculous, doesn't it? I did get to come back to work earlier than what I was supposed to, so it isn't all bad. I'm just left in a lot of pain on the daily because I am an over achiever that wanted to walk and not be Wheels while my best friend was Leg Man at the convention. 

I'm still proud that I kicked the opiate addiction I developed during that time. Cold turkey. Like a boss. 

Some days I'm still ready to cut the damn thing off. 


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