09 February 2015

And Don't Fuck It Up!

I love love love RuPaul's Drag Race. Other than The Walking Dead, it's the one show you can bet your ass I'm going to watch every week come hell or high water. 

In anticipation of season seven, which starts airing on March 2nd on Logo, I've searched Youtube for a collection of my favorite ever lip synchs and I want to share them with you. 

I have a tie for two all time favorite:

1. Raja and Carmen Carrerra

2. Detox and Jinkx Monsoon

Unfortunately this is the best video I could find. If you look at some of the compilations you can find better versions.

The rest of them are just amazing, too. Those queens know how to lip synch the house down!

Coco Montrese and Jade Jolie Season 5

This one I was so tied. Jade Jolie is just so damn sweet, but DAMN Coco Montrese! Mama killed that lip synch! Her energy is just so contagious it was hard not to be dancing along with her!

Roxxy Andrews vs Alyssa Edwards

Ms. Andrews taught us all a fantastic lesson during this performance: never remove your wig on stage...unless you have another wig underneath! That is what made this make my top list of favorites. (Season 5)

Raven vs Jujubee

This isn't the most technical performance, no big dance moves, but the emotion. Even now I cry when I watch it. (All Stars Season 1)

Trinity K. Bonet vs April Carion

This was another hard one for me, because they are both talented in their own way. A lip synch from TKB will leave you gagging. April knows how to beat face beyond your wildest dreams. TKB really owned this. 

Since I'm so pumped for this season, expect a little something every day, and be sure to tune in on March 2nd! 

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