08 February 2015

Birthday Babies - Two Years of Pitbull Shenanigans

On the 10th my two babies, Autumn Rose and Sherman Tank, turn two.

It's definitely been a wild two years as a first time pitbull puppy parent. There is so much personality packed into such tiny little furry bodies that it's insane. There's so much love packed in there, too. I've never felt such love for another animal, shy of my cat. Autumn is my partner in crime.

In honor of their second birthday, I went through some of my favorite pictures of them to share with all of you!

I don't see how people can say pitties are so mean and vicious when they make such great derp faces like these:

Sherman tank is the king of the derper face. He also loves his car rides. 

He also loves his babies. 

Nine months old, with my goddaughter

Year and a half, with my son
When I was babysitting my goddaughter all the time, he wouldn't let anyone into the house. He almost didn't let her mom into the house one night after she got off work, though he quickly reconsidered when he realized that she smelled just like his little blonde baby. 

They also like to choose the strangest places to just hang out.

Pile o'pibbles - Autumn and Sherman piled on top of their father
Autumn thinks she's people

Sherman liked to sit in the chair with me, when we both fit

Autumn is the spoiled one - she sleeps with Mommy every night
They also serve some serious face. 

Autumn Rose

Baby Sherman
I've never seen a dog pose like Sherman. Autumn, on the other hand, is one of the least photogenic dogs I've ever seen, hence why there are fewer pictures of her. Sherman poses on command!

One of my favorite Autumn pictures
It's been a crazy two years with these guys. I've lost more furniture and shoes than I want to count, but I've also had more fun. 

Now that you've met my babies, I hope you reconsider your thoughts on pitbulls if you had negative ideas about them. They are the most gentle dumbbutts you'd ever want to meet, the most loyal of companions. 

I hope to have many more years with them! Happy birthday, my babies!

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