11 February 2015

DHC haul

Because my boyfriend is amazing, he ordered me some things from DHC. I've used all of these products in the past, and I can't go on about how much I love them. You also get free samples of other products with every order!

The Deep Cleansing Oil has been a best seller of theirs for so long, and I can totally understand why. I know it seems really weird to put oil on your face to cleanse, and it feels strange at first, but the clean is so worth the try. 

Apply this to dry face and wash off with warm water. Your face feels so moisturized and not dry at all after use. It's also used for removing makeup, which it does very well. No makeup is a match for this cleanser! ($28.00)

For washing, I chose their mild soap. This one I hadn't used before, only the pure soap. I knew that it would be just as effective and gentle on my skin because you can see through the bar straight to the silver label on the back. What's even better is the bar is so big! It will take forever to run out of this soap! ($17.00)

I totally forgot to include this balm in my obsession post from yesterday. This is one of the reasons I'm so obsessed with it. This lip cream leaves my lips so soft and silky. It's got olive oil and vitamin E, perfect for fighting winter chapped lips. ($16.00 for two)

These are the free samples I requested with my order. I haven't tried any of them yet, though I'm probably going to try the Moisture Fruit tonight. 

One of the coolest things that DHC does is send a product guide. When I first started ordering from them, it looked like a full on book. This will help you put together a full routine from start to finish based on your needs. 

The best part was how fast it arrived. It wasn't due to arrive until Friday, which concerned me since I will be at the doctor's all day. I was beyond thrilled when it arrived today. 

To see these products, and more from this company, visit their website at DHCcare.com


  1. Oh I have heard of their Deep Cleansing Oil but I've never tried it! I really want to try some now! I use an oil cleanser as well but i still find it strange on my face haha

    1. It is really worth the money! The first time I used it, it took about a week for my skin to adjust to it so I broke out a bit, though after that my skin was crystal clear.


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