14 February 2015

Easy Rice Chicken Dinner

My favorite thing to do for my family is cooking. 

Since I don't have much energy to make a lot of complicated meals anymore, I've managed to find easy ways to make my family's favorite dishes as efficiently as possible. 

Rice and chicken are two staples in my household, other than tortillas. 

To make an easy and tasty dinner, I throw them together in a baking dish and let them bake! The chicken comes out moist and delicious. 

For this dish I used: 

5 boneless skinless chicken breasts
3 cups rice
2 cups chicken broth
1 1/2 cup water
Season to taste

For years I've messed up rice. It's just wasn't my forte. Until my boyfriend's sister taught me a little secret: brown the rice first. 

This is three cups of rice in my large skillet pan. 

I generally fry mine until most of the pieces go from a translucent color to full blown white. I also let a few pieces darken a bit. 

Here is a closer shot of the rice turning white, and a few pieces browning. 

When you've finished frying the rice, spread it across the bottom of a large baking dish. I prefer my Pyrex glass pans, but you can use metal if you wish. You may have to adjust cooking time. 

Once your rice is in, add the can of chicken broth (roughly two cups) and water, then lay the chicken on top. For flavor, I put Bragg's seasoning on top rather than salt. It really brings out the flavor of the chicken. 

Cover this with foil and bake at 350F for roughly an hour. 

This is your final result! It's only part of the dish because I forgot to snap a picture before my son tore into it! 

This is my favorite seasoning in the world, Bragg Organic Sprinkle. It really brings out the flavor on almost anything you put it on. It's also salt free, for those who have to watch their sodium intake like my mother. It's absolutely delicious.

If you give this basic dish a try, let me know how it comes out! 

What are your favorite foods to make? 

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