16 February 2015

I Have A Diagnosis!

If you've been a reader of my blog for a while, then you will know I've been quite ill.

Today I had my followup appointment with my ENT to discuss the results from Friday's test, and it turns out that all of my problems stemmed from my left inner ear being weaker than my right, and severe TMJ.

Unfortunately there is no magic pill or surgery that can easily fix this, just physical therapy and letting my ear begin to heal on its own.

I now have even more pills added to my nightly rounds.

I am just so happy to finally have a doctor say to me "yes, we know what is wrong, and we know how to fix it"! It has been so frustrating that no one knew what to do with me other than run more tests than I could afford!

Now I just wait for the physical therapy office to call me for my consultation. I am ready to start getting better.

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