18 February 2015

Illness Diagnosis and Healing

I finally got a diagnosis for my illness!

After almost six months of nausea and dizziness on a daily basis, it was determined that my inner ear was the source of all of this foolishness.

The doctor is telling me all of this and I'm confused as hell, because I seriously had no idea that my inner ear could cause all of those problems that I've been having, the constant nausea and dizziness, general gastrointestinal issues, headaches from all hell, blood pressure drops.... The list feels never ending.

It still baffles me that all of those symptoms that were all over the place, that countless doctors have seen and couldn't figure out one doctor figured out after a few tests and feeling all over my face. He also noticed that my TMJ had gotten worse and gave me some recommendations on how to manage that. One of those recommendations is getting dental implants where I had some teeth pulled before I was able to afford root canals. At this point it's still out of the question since most dental implants cost at the lowest around $2000. That's just not feasible right now after all of the money I've sunk into other medical testing.

Now I've been put on a regimen of vitamins that are formulated for ringing in the ears and after only a few days of taking them I can already feel a difference. It's a bit much as far as dosage, two tablets three times a day, but they work and I can't believe it.

I've also been given Valium. Yes, it is for anxiety, but in lower doses it helps with balance. As the doctor put it, it calms that nerve between my ear and my brain that has been causing my issues with balance and nausea. He said I can take one or two of them at 2mg a piece, but one puts me to sleep! I have taken to taking halves when I need them. I'm sure I'll have to take a full one when I have to travel places.

He also gave me a muscle relaxer for night to help manage my TMJ. I've had muscle relaxers before. My primary care phys has given them to me on several occasions when I've hurt myself, and the doc in the ER has given them to me before, but they were the same weaker meds that my regular doc gave me. We have a major pill problem where I live, so I can see why he gave me something that was a tad weak. This stuff my ENT gave me is nothing to mess with. I took my first dose on Monday night and it messed me up so bad. It said half an hour before bed, but I figured it was going to be just like the other stuff I've had and took it an hour or so before bed and planned to still work on blog posts.

Big Mistake.

It was a horrible experience. After half an hour it had me so limp I couldn't even text my boyfriend. Thank God for speak to text. When he got home from work he had to help me to the bathroom because I couldn't walk. I don't remember much from that night.

Tomorrow I start physical therapy. I'm not sure what sort of physical therapy there can be for my ears. I'll find out then, I suppose!

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