08 February 2015

Perfume Wishlist

I collect perfumes. I adore scent and how something so simple can change how you feel about yourself, from feeling sexy as all hell to feeling fun and flirty, or even elegant. Like a friend calls me, I'm a total scent whore.

My newest desire is for Chloe's Love Story.

The bottle is pretty basic - I love artistic bottles - but the scent is out of this world and works well with my body's chemistry. It lasts forever on me. It's very floral, something that I prefer in a scent. I've only had a little sample of it, so my thirst for the real thing is fierce. It also has notes of citrus, one of my favorite things. 

I find it funny that almost all of the scents I use have most of the same notes. 

Covet has been something I've worn for years. I've gone through so many bottles of it it's sick. 

People used to smell this scent and associate it with me. It's got a very green scent, in my opinion, and a bit spicy. It is one of the few scents I've ever worn that has lasted forever, shy of Chanel No. 19, my other go to fragrance of my early twenties. I used to carry the solid perfume that came in the first giftset my mother got me. It's adorable, shaped just like the flower on the top of the bottle!

In recent years I've added two more things to my list of favorites, Reb'l Fleur and Fame. 

I think I did a review of this forever ago. As you can see, I tend to have a taste for celebrity scents. It isn't something I set out to do, it just happened!

Reb'l fleur is super fruity and floral, very sweet. It doesn't last as long as Covet or Love Story on me unless I use the shower gel and lotion to go with it. Then it lasts for hours. Another perk is the shape of the bottle. I love that it's in the shape of a heel from a shoe if you flip it onto it's top.

My latest love is Lady Gaga's Fame.

The first thing that attracted me to this scent was the fact that it's black. I was very skeptical at first because of things I'd read, like it having the essences of blood and semen and the entire idea of "expensive hooker". I was pleasantly surprised when it was very sweet, almost like honey, with dashes of belladonna and other more sensual notes. The lasting power isn't as great as I'd hoped, but if it's, like Reb'l Fleur, layered with shower gel and lotion it has pretty great staying power. Just like the perfume, the shower gel and lotion are black too! I love it so much that my family has gotten me so many bottles I'm never going to run out!

I also love the bottle design so it's on permanent display with my other perfumes, including the Harajuku Lovers bottles. I've been trying to collect them all, I just haven't had the funds. 

Even though I know it's not good for your hair, I've even taken to putting a little of the lotion into my hair before I blow dry it so I'm surrounded in scent. It's something I started doing with my Chanel No. 19 lotion when I was a teenager. It also had golden flecks in it and my hair subtly gleamed :)

Next is to build a real display for all of my scents! What a better way to show off the love? 

What are your favorite scents? I'm always looking for something new to add to the collection!

Love and Spoons ~


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