19 February 2015

Physical Therapy Report 1

Today I had my first physical therapy appointment, and it went very well. My doctor, Muhammad, took me through some exercises and guaranteed I'd feel better after just one treatment.

I can say that I do! I was a little wobbly after he took my head and pretty much rolled it around and shook it a little to get my ear crystals back into place, but I feel better overall.

Now I'm not allowed to lay down until 9PM so I don't undo all of the work he has done.

I also learned one of my visual issues: too many things moving around me all at once.

My sister and I were going to get lunch, which is maybe two miles down the road from the physical therapy building. I ALMOST made it. We were going through heavy traffic and I started to get really dizzy and nauseous so she had to bring me home.

It hit me when we were on one of the side roads away from all of the traffic - I felt completely fine. Once that excessive visual stimuli was removed I was okay again.

It was the absolute strangest thing!

She dropped me off at home and then went to pick up lunch for us, so I took that time to call my grandmother and we had a nice long talk. I think it's important to call her and keep a close relationship with her. She's 93 years old. I don't like to think that we won't have much time with her left as I don't like to even really think about my own mortality, but that is the reality of things.

There are so many things I can still learn from my grandmother. I call her almost every day just to see how she has been that day. We haven't always had this relationship and now that we are on very good terms I want to keep it that way. I'm finally making her proud by going into nursing like she's always wanted. She's always said I could be a lawyer because I could argue down a wall!

Now I'm going to spend the rest of my day curled up with my heater. It's so cold here in South Florida right now! When I woke up it was 32F. Tomorrow is supposed to be colder. Ick, ick, ick! I'm a tropical baby, this does not suit me!

For all of my readers who celebrate, Happy Year of the Sheep! May this new year bring you much luck and prosperity!

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