20 February 2015

Pink and Black Eye Playtime

Last night I decided to play with my eyes, since they are my favorite feature on my face. One of my go to looks has always been a pink and black, since I love pink on my eyes. 

I'm also getting used to my camera again, so the pics didn't come out as well as I had hoped XD I generally just use my cellphone.

This is the look, one with liner and one without. I couldn't decide what I liked better. 

Now that I look, I'm leaning toward no liner. It makes my eye look bigger!

What do you think? 

And eyes closed. It doesn't seem to make much of a difference with eyes closed since I lined so close to my lashes. 

First I put on the pink. It's a loose powder, so I tapped it in instead of brushing it on so I would get a heavy coverage that I could blend later. I also put it on the bottoms of my eyes under my lashes for some extra sparkle.

Then I layered on the black, heavily defining the crease since I like to make my eyes look a little deeper set than they naturally are. I blended it out about half way across my lid and a little on the inner corner. I just wanted the pink to peek out in the middle. 

I also like to add a little on the outer edge, just beyond my eye so it almost gives a little smoky cat eye effect. 

If you decide not to line, apply mascara and you're done. 

If you do decide to line, try to keep the liner as close to your lash line as possible, if not smudged into your lashes. For this I like a very tight line so the pink stands out. Pop on mascara and you're ready to walk out the door!

 I was surprised at how much I like the CG mascara. I generally don't use CoverGirl products since they don't agree with my skin. So far, the eye products have given me pretty good results. The mascara really makes my eyes stand out. 

This was actually a very quick job. I managed to get this done and take it off all before my boyfriend got home with dinner, so I'd say about twenty minutes or so from start to finish.

I like it because it's a really quick job, so even if I was running late I could throw it on really quick and be on my way out the door. 

The very first time I did this look, I was inspired by this picture of Miyavi:

I loved the black and pink, I just wanted to use much more black than pink and make it work safe since I was working at the time ^_^

Products Used: 

L'oreal HIP Loose Powder Eyeshadow in Firey 
(Unfortunately, I believe this product has been discontinued)

Physician's Formula Eye Candy for Hazel Eyes Palette
(I used the black, but there is also a great pink in this palette)
(You can purchase it at Walgreens online only)

CoverGirl Line Exact in Very Black
(Purchased at Walgreens)

 CoverGirl Professional 3-in-1 Mascara in Very Black
(Purchased at Walgreens)

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