13 February 2015

Snatch Game!

Another part of RuPaul's Drag Race I look forward to every season is the Snatch Game. Each queen has to do their best celebrity impersonation. Each season we always have one or two queens that blows it out of the water, and then there are those queens who are better at just being themselves. 

Season 2

Miss Tatiana's Britney Spears had me gagging! Another honorable mention is definitely Pandora Boxx's Carol Channing. That woman is legendary

Season 3


Manila really stood out for me with this because she did something unexpected, but you can't argue that Raja did a hilarious Tyra Banks!

Season 4

Chad Michaels absolutely killed it with Cher. He does some of the best Cher I've ever seen!

I can't ignore Sharon Needles and her Michelle Visage. Had me rolling in laughter!

This season I thought things were very unprofessional, especially the way Jiggly handled things. No bueno, Miss Jiggly! I still love ya, girl. 

Season 5

This season had some amazing impersonations. 

Jinkx made me so happy when she did Little Edie. Grey Gardens is one of my favorite films, the original not the new one with Drew Barrymore. Jinkx captured Little Edie so well! I also like how she interacted with everyone, especially Ivy Winters (as Marilyn Monroe) when Ivy had no clue how to respond about the political scandals. 

Alaska as Lady Bunny was perfect!

I thought Detox's Ke$sha was a little overboard, especially relieving herself in the corner...

Season 6

This season's queens went above and beyond, lemme tell ya! Bianca DelRio and her Judge Judy was brilliance, as was BenDeLaCreme's Maggie Smith. I can't forget Adore Delano's Anna Nicole Smith, either. She perfectly embodied Anna Nicole!

I look forward to seeing how well the new queens in season seven do!

Don't forget to tune in on March 2nd on Logo at 9PM EST for RuPaul's Drag Race Season 7!

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