08 February 2015

So Damn Tired

I cannot seem to get going today. It's already almost 5PM and I'm still so tired I don't want to do anything.

I woke up really late today, around 11:30, with a major headache. I made coffee, blogged about my dog's birthday coming up, and then ended up on the couch with Autumn and took a nap. Twice.

My headache is still here, I'm still tired, and ready to throw in the towel and crawl into my comfy bed and sleep the rest of the evening away after I take a big dose of green death flavored NyQuil. Tastes terrible, but works soooo good.

I still have to make something for dinner. I got lazy and made ramen last night. I know it's terrible, such high sodium. It was a craving. It gave me heartburn. I regretted it almost immediately after I ate it. 

I cook for my family almost every night. Tonight they may just have to have freezer food after I take my green flavored death and pass out. 

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