20 February 2015

Tardis Inspired Eyes

I'm a huge dork. I absolutely love Doctor Who. I love it so much I've got all sorts of clothing with either the Doctor or Tardis on them. I even have Tardis socks! The day I found some of the classic Doctor books from the 70s in a thrift store I thought I was going to die right then and there it made me so happy.

For those of you who don't watch, this is the Tardis.

It can go anywhere in space and time. 

Because of my love of the series, you know I had to incorporate that into a makeup look!

For this look, I wanted to go for a bright blue to represent not only the Tardis, but the idea of time and space itself. 

I went with a liner with some glitter to represent the stars. 

Just like I did with the last look, I added liner to one side and left the other side bare to see which you think looks best!

If I go without liner, I like to dust my lashes with the blue, especially on the bottom lashes!

I added a little white to the corners of my eyes to not only brighten them up a bit, but to keep with the tardis theme. 

Blue is another color I like on my eyes. I know it's said that blue makes blue and hazel eyes stand out, but I think with brown eyes you can go with just about any color to enhance your eyes!

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