21 February 2015

What The Butternut?

I am usually pretty hard to piss off, but right now I am beyond pissed and flat out irate. Here are some illustrations of how that could possibly look.

This is pissed off. 

This is irate. 

Someone keeps reporting my photos on photobucket as offensive.

First it was my chicken noodle soup. Then I assumed it was some vegan with a chip on their shoulder and a nasty attitude that didn't want to even see animal product. I unhid it and blew a raspberry in that person's general direction.

This time it was a picture of my DHC Deep Cleansing Oil. That one I flat out don't get. Maybe the bottle was phallic in their eyes? Maybe they are a hardcore fan of regular soap and water and want all other alternatives banned? Maybe they just don't wash period?

I don't flippin know.

Joke is on you - that account is just a halfway between my phone and my computer since I don't want to hook up my iPhone to my PC (I'd feel blasphemous - I'm an Apple girl all the way and using this thing is bad enough). None of the pictures on my blog are hosted there. Complain all you want because it's not going to take any images down.

I have one message for the person being such a dick thinking they are being funny: 

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