31 March 2015

The Funeral Is Today, And I'm Not There

My sister came over earlier to get ready for B's funeral. My boyfriend couldn't go since he works, and I can't bring myself to do it. I cannot remember him like that, I just can't. It breaks my heart that my sister has to go through it, because she is like me and can't stand the idea of remembering him in a coffin and would rather remember him as the loud and crazy dude he was. She's mainly there for her boyfriend's sake, because B was like his brother. 

I know one of the first shop owners he worked for, who has also passed, is beating B up left and right for doing what he did. Doc would have never stood for it, the drug use. 

At least now he's pain free. That's all I can ask for. 

See you on the other side, brother. 

30 March 2015

[Review] Pura d'or Shampoo and Conditioner

For those of you who have been following for a while, you know I have had health struggles that have led my hair to start slowly falling out. Between a lot of medication and a ton of nausea that leaves me unable to eat proper meals, my hair, skin, and nails have been suffering.

I recently did a review for a hair supplement product that has been helping, though I wanted to take things a step further with an actual shampoo.

These are the results I have gotten with the vitamins alone: 

Long and luscious!
Volume for days!

Through Brand Backer, I was given the opportunity to try some Pura d'or products. One is a shampoo that is targeted toward those with thinning and weak hair, something a girl like me jumped on really fast.

Pura d'or prides themselves on all natural products. As they said themselves, their ingredients are grown on trees, not in test tubes. Their products are also animal and environmentally friendly, something that really attracted me since I'm a nature baby raised by hippies.

29 March 2015

Dealing With the Death of a Loved One

I'm still a little fuzzy. A friend of mine passed away a few days ago.

B wasn't even 40 years old yet.

After three weeks in the hospital, in ICU on full life support, his family finally decided that they were going to end life support this coming Monday at 11:30 AM.

Just as he did in life, B wasn't going to follow anyone's rules and he went on his own on Friday, at 11:30 AM.

B was a tattoo artist, a brilliant one. So many people in the town I live in have his art somewhere on their body. He wasn't just an artist that traced a piece and tattooed it on you, he did everything freehand. He was a master of color.

B was a friend, a brother. He was that one dude you knew was going to be wild, not give a damn, say whatever he had to say and not give two craps about what you thought about it.

The funeral services are on Tuesday and I really don't know if I can handle going. I've lost too many friends to drug overdoses at young ages. I cannot stand to go to another funeral of someone who went way too young.

I just don't know how to process it. It's all so new and fresh that I haven't really come to terms with his loss, I think. It is just so weird to know that he's not here anymore.

We are all mourning in our own ways. One of my friends is lashing out at everyone, another has closed himself off. My niece wants to make him pan de muertos on la Dia de los Muertos for him. I thought it was incredibly sweet gesture - she's only seven years old.  It really makes you take a step back and consider how everyone handles mourning in their own manners.

Never take those in your life for granted. Appreciate every day you have, love as deeply as you can.

If you have a loved one with an addiction, try to get them help. I've lost count of all of the OD or other drug related deaths that I've had touch me in recent years. I'm tired of losing people before their time.

Rest in peace, brother. Until we meet again.

28 March 2015

[Review] Bellesentials Facial Hair Remover

As most of my followers know, I'm a hairy individual. I was blessed on both sides of my family to be a hairy individual. I usually go to my cousin the hairdresser to get my brows and lip waxed. Even with a family discount, that gets expensive really fast. 

As I browsed through Tomoson.com, I saw an ad for a hair removal review that I knew I had to try. 

This is the Bellesentials Facial Hair Remover, which you can purchase at that link from Amazon for $10.95

Song of the Night

It's been a pretty rough couple of days. I've had a migraine for a straight week and one of my friends passed away yesterday morning after being in the ICU for a good month after a drug overdose. 

I don't want to be depressed, but it's hard. Tonight's song reflects a bit of how I'm feeling right now. 

Goodbye, B. Until we meet again. Stay peaceful, brother. 

[Sponsored Review] Clouds Gray Lenses from Klenspop

The amazing people at Klenspop have sent me another lens for review! This time it was Clouds Gray. I was so excited to get these lenses because I have never worn lighter lenses before!

Here's some information about this pair of lenses: 

Brand: M.I. Contact
Diameter: 14.0 mm
Graphic Diameter: 13.4 mm
Base Curve: 8.6
Water Content: 38%
Disposable: 1 year
Country of Origin: South Korea
Certifications: ISO CE KGMP
Price Includes: 1 Pair (2pcs) + Bonus Case

These lenses retail for $13 USD. 

This post isn't as picture heavy, since you've already seen the extras that come in the box from my Bunny Brown review about a month ago, so I'm going to jump right into the lenses themselves. 

Just like my last review, they came packed very neatly in a shipping box to make sure nothing got damaged in shipping. There were a set of yellow tweezers and a lens case with a pink lid and a clear lid clearly marked L and R so you don't get your lenses mixed up when you to go put them in.

This is the bottle. Very simple design. I wish I was more advanced in my Korean studies so I could read the things listed down the side of the bottle!


25 March 2015

Song of the Night

I totally forgot to post my song of the night!

Tonight we are going back, to the days where I was so into anime it could have probably been considered an obsession. Eureka 7 was one of my favorite animes (still is!), so you get the first opening theme tonight. 

The sad part is I could probably sing this entire thing word for word, even though my Japanese is really terrible and I wouldn't understand half of what I was singing!

Feeding Time With The Jelly Beans

Today my sister took me to her boyfriend's house so I could help her feed the kittens they found. Unfortunately, I suck butt at feeding kittens, but I did get to spend some time with them. One of them did start to eat, the fat kitten I named Arlene, but she had enough really quick and my sister had to finish XD

UPDATE: For some reason my videos wouldn't work, so you get jelly bean pictures!

The litter is all girls with one boy. The oddball there, the calico/tortie is my sister's cat Kali.

That big orange poofy burrower is Arlene. I fell in love with her from day one. She's so fat! When she's old enough, I want to bring her home!

What makes me even happier is I made it to his house without getting sick! I went with zero meds (except a migraine medication) and made the trip better than I would have done with drugs. Yeah. 

So meet the jelly beans! I'd say they are probably a month old since they have no milk teeth yet. 

I think spending time with them also helped. Kitten therapy!

24 March 2015

Song of the Night

No long intro tonight, just some music to enjoy.

Garnier Clean+ Blackhead Eliminating Scrub Day One

As a member of the Allure Beauty Enthusiasts, I have been given the chance to try the Garnier Clean+ Blackhead Eliminating Scrub. Tonight was night one

I just used it, so I'm going to start tracking my progress!

The scrub itself is a gel with little exfoliating beads and charcoal in it.

You put some in your wet hands and rub them together and a lovely exfoliating cream appears!

My skin feels so smooth, though a little dry since the product contains salicylic acid. Definitely use your usual lotion after use!

You'll see the extras in my full review, but for now I leave you my night one selfie.

I had to be super careful to not get it into my piercing!

I'm a little worried about my nose ring. Since we clamped it shut, it almost looks infected. It's red, but not warm to the touch. I think it might be normal, I described my issue to my piercer and he said it was normal. Like there was a little pus that came out, more clear/white and runny than yucky and yellow. Almost like if you pop a zit. Gross, I know, I just need to get that out because I'm a damn nervous Nancy and terrified of infection. 

Stay tuned for tomorrow's results!

23 March 2015

Song of the Night

Today was a pretty righteous day, even though I did get a bit of a talking to from my grandmother about getting my nose pierced!

I got some new products to try, I got to see some furry jelly beans (kittens), I spent time with two of my besties and my sister, and I cooked a kick ass dinner. 

So yeah, Today Was a Good Day.

The only bad part was the ball of my nose ring came out T_T

Luckily my piercer is coming back tonight to fix it. I need to be a little less aggressive when I clean it!

I Am Officially Pierced!

Last night my sister's boyfriend did my nose for me!

I won't lie, it did hurt a bit, and I kept waking myself up last night as I slept since I would bump it. 

It still stings a bit this morning, but that is all a part of getting pierced. 

I would post the video, but I don't know if it would truly be appropriate, lmao. I took my valium before I did it because my nerves were going nuts so I was acting a little weird!

I adore how it looks! Looks like I'll be avoiding makeup for a while until this heals. I don't want to cause any complications!

I decided to do my left nostril because I thought it would look best, and I only after I did a little research this morning that I learned something pretty cool: apparently as a part of the Ayurveda, it is believed that a hole through the left nostril relieves pain during child birth and menstruation! How cool is that little fun fact? 

I still can't believe that I did it. My mother was shocked, my kids think it's cool, and I'm waiting on my grandmother to rip me a new one because she doesn't like them. I can always use this defense: my cousin the nurse has her nose pierced and she's the head of nursing at our hospital so nah nah nah boo boo!

She's going to see it on Facebook, so I'm waiting on a call any moment now. 

Have a great day, everyone!

22 March 2015

Song of the Night

I'm anticipating tomorrow's RuPaul's Drag Race, so tonight's song is New York City Beat by RuPaul and Michelle Visage. I love seeing the young Ru stomping through the city <3

[Sponsored Review] Skin Factory 7 Seconds Touch Fit Lip Tattoo

I've recently become an advanced affiliate at Wistrend, and was given the opportunity to try a product from their store. I tried the Skin Factory 7 Seconds Touch Fit Lip Tattoo in Sexy Pink. This pack also comes with a Speed White cream, which I have not tried yet. My skin is still healing from the experience I had with a skin care regimen so I am a little afraid to use any other products as of right now. 

21 March 2015

Song of the Night

I just realized that I hadn't posted a song for tonight! Terrible Vonnie

In honor of the new movie coming out, Straight Outta Compton, tonight we are going to listen to some N.W.A. I am also including the trailer for those of you who are interested in the story behind N.W.A. I was growing up a little white girl in a Mexican neighborhood while these guys were changing the entire rap game. Even here on the east coast it changed life forever, so I cannot imagine how it was for those who were growing up and living in Compton and L.A. at the time. 

Now that you've seen the real thing, here is the trailer for the new movie. I'm so excited I don't know what to do with myself! 

[Review] Flawless Botanics hairsentials Essential Biotin & Vitamin Complex

I get compliments on my hair all the time. I've spent five or six years now growing it out, to the point it almost reaches my butt. I like to say I have mermaid hair!

Once my illness hit and I started taking a lot of different medications, my hair changed. It wasn't a drastic change, but I noticed a slight change in texture and that I was losing it more rapidly than I used to. I know you lose hair every day, but the rate mine was coming out in my brush seriously scared the crap out of me. 

Enter Flawless Botanics hairsentials Essential Biotin & Vitamin Complex stage left. 

My Struggle With An Eating Disorder

After reading a post on another blog I decided to open up about my eating disorder. Talking to them and feeling how good it felt to talk about it with someone other than my sister, I want to share my struggle with you.

When I moved back to Okeechobee in 2005, I was really thin. I was a waitress, I abused amphetamines, and I was really thin. I imagine I was right at 100lbs. 

After I moved back, I had trouble finding a job, so my boyfriend supported me. 

20 March 2015

Song of the Night

I don't really feel this needs much introduction. I've loved Bjork for years, so when I saw her on the Sucker Punch soundtrack I got really excited.

The video I've chosen is footage from the movie. If you haven't seen it, check it out. It's a really good one, and the soundtrack is the best.

My Experience with Rodan + Fields Redfefine Collection

Thanks to iFabbo, I was given the amazing opportunity to try the Rodan + Fields Redefine collection. 

I received two different products from the line, their regimen for the appearance of lines, pores, and loss of firmness which is a three step system, and their Acute Care for expression lines. 

The Regimen came in the neatest little pack that reminded me of a lunch sack. 

Inside you will find the Daily Cleansing Mask, Pore Minimizing Toner, Triple Defense Treatment Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen and Overnight Restorative Cream. 

Physician's Formula Nude Wear Touch of Glow Stick

About a month ago or so I entered a contest on the Physician's Formula site to win a Nude Wear Touch of Glow Stick. 

I was totally amazed when I learned that I was one of the winners!

Today my stick arrived and it is the neatest thing ever. 

19 March 2015

Song of the Night

I'm in a very 80's mood today since I spent the day with my sister and my bestie, so tonight's song is Taylor Dayne Tell it to my Heart. I sing this at the top of my lungs while I'm cleaning and it embarrasses the kids so much XD

Some Morning Inspiration

It's an older episode, but I finally got to see the episode of Hey Qween! where Jonny McGovern interviewed Michelle Visage. This woman is self made, she's one of my biggest inspirations to keep going as hard as I can to make something of myself. 

I want to share not only the interview but also the bonus. 

Sit and take a few minutes to listen and gain some knowledge from the wonderful and wise Michelle Visage. 



For more Hey Qween, don't forget to subscribe to thestream.tv

18 March 2015

Song of the Night

Lately I've been watching a ton of Hey Qween! with Jonny McGovern (@gaypimp on twitter). Just a good old fashioned kiki, darlings!

Tonight we have some Jonny McGovern. He's quite open with his sexuality, so his videos may offend those who are not down with the LGBTQ crowd. 

If the idea of two men kissing makes your stomach turn, then you may want to skip this one. 

May I present to you Man Areas, by Jonny McGovern. 

Nail of the Moment

This moment's nail is from the Frozen ORLY Color Blast collection I picked up a few weeks back.

The set has an Anna color and an Elsa color, this is the Anna color called Free Spirit. Just for fun, on my pinkie, I layered one coat of Frozen, the Elsa color, over the top. I love the way it looks.  

This is the set itself, that I got for $10.99 from Walgreens. 

I really love the fact that they have the silhouette of each sister on the sides of the box that correspond with each color. 

This ended up being longer than I thought it would be for a simple nail of the moment, haha!

17 March 2015

Song of the Night

Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone!

In honor of today, we have some Flogging Molly, Kiss My Irish Ass!

Hope you didn't forget to wear your green today ^_^

Today's Hair Attempt

I wanted to do something a little different now that I darkened my hair up.

Here's the results from last night's color:

It's slightly darker than usual, but my friend (who picked up my color) couldn't find my usual Garnier color and picked me up a dark John Frieda color, instead.

While watching cartoons and having my coffee this morning, I wanted to try something different, so I tried this 40's inspired hair that I watched a youtube tutorial on earlier. It didn't work out. 

Then I wanted to do a twist braid and side bun. 

These are my results: 

I loved the concept and result, but the bun was so heavy that it wouldn't hold even with something like ten pins in it. 

I gave up and went back to my high pony. 

Maybe I'll try again later!

[Book Review] Not A Word About Love

One of my favorite things to do is read. I have a notebook where I keep a list of books I've read.

This latest book added to my list, Not A Word About Love by Hana Goldberg, was a pleasure to read and add to my list. 

From her website: Hana Goldberg is a Lifetime Achievement Award winner from Israel's Association of Authors and Composers (ACUM), a bestselling and critically acclaimed Israeli novelist and poet and an A-list lyricist with hundreds of popular songs and many #1 hits. Hana has written many bestselling books and she is a frequent guest on Israeli television shows and has her own column about literature in Israel's most popular web portal - ynet.co.il. Since her first book at the age of seventeen, and through her bestsellers and hundreds of songs, Hana has been a strong and original voice in Israeli culture.

This book is a total page turner. I have not stopped reading since I got it. 

Here is the description from Amazon.com: After eleven years of marriage, Maya is swept away on a sensual, daring and hilarious journey following a random meeting with a stranger. Through alleys fragrant with the pungent smell of fried rice, amid child beggars and vendors of psychedelic fabrics, she makes surprising discoveries about the stranger, and about herself. How far will she be willing to go?

Disclosure: I received this book for free for review purposes. All opinions are my own. 

16 March 2015

Song of the Night

Tonight's song is a tad early (I like to post at 9PM) because it's Drag Race night!

Tonight's selection is Robyn, an artist I've listened to forever and a day now. I love this song, Dancing On My Own so much. 

Since it's Drag Race Monday, we are getting one of the lip synch battles that made me cry just as hard as team Rujubee was on the main stage. 

Have a great night, dearies!

I'm Getting Inked And Pierced Saturday!

After going thirty years without getting any tattoos, I'm finally getting one!

I'm so scared but so ready all at the same time. 

On Saturday, my boyfriend is going to go get started on his sleeve tattoos, so I'm going to see if the tattoo artist/piercer will be willing to do a few quick things for me, too!

This is what I want to get done: 

I'm getting it for my cat, Layla, who passed away a few years ago at the age of thirteen. I had her since she was a six week old kitten. She was my best friend from birth until the day she died. 

This was taken a few months before she died. Her whiskers were once black, but turned white as she aged. 

Check behind the cut for more pictures of my beautiful Layla, thoughts on getting inked, and photos of my very first piercing experience!

15 March 2015

Song of the Night

Tonight we are going to have more Adore Delano, since I'm on a huge Adore kick right now. Well, I'm always on an Adore Delano kick. 

Beachy Wave How To and Results

I have always loved curls since I have straight hair. My sister has beautiful black ringlets, and I have hair that doesn't take to curls very well unless I add a TON of heat.

I've seen tutorials all over the place on how to create lovely beachy waves without using heat by just letting your hair dry in a loose bun.

After I showered last night, instead of blow drying my hair, I let it air dry.

This is what it looks like when it's just dried with my towel and allowed to dry until slightly damp. I didn't use any product, just my general Pantene Beautiful Lengths shampoo and conditioner. 

Then I threw it back into a loose bun and held it in place with a clip. 

I slept on it. 

This morning I left it up for about two hours after I got up, and then took it down before we made a trip to a friend's house. 

I'm not sure if it would be considered a success since it's wavy but not what I expected. 

Success? Fail? I'll let you decide. 

14 March 2015

Song of the Night

I've been spending a lot of time with my sister lately, and she absolutely loves Otep. One song she had me listening to that I fell in love with is Apex Predator. I can't remember if I have shared this, I think I have, but we are having it again because my sister is major on my mind.

Warning: This video is rather dark and has some heavy sexual themes. If you are sensitive to either of those things, please do not watch this video.

Ten Tips For New Circle Lens Wearers

Among beauty bloggers, at least the circle that I to run in, circle lenses seem to be a crucial point to a makeup look. I will not disagree in the slightest - they add something to a look that I can't describe. Pizazz? Za-za-zu? 

Recently I was sent my very first pair from Klenspop and I've somewhat had to learn as I go. Thankfully my boyfriend is a huge cosplay lens wearer and helped walk me through my first experience. 

One of my favorite pictures of us.

These are his zombie lenses. They are the Crazy Color Lens brand that I sold at my shop before I was forced to stop working. 

Since he loves his lenses, I want to get him some UV activated lenses next!

Back to the point. 

Here are some tips for beginners. 

1. When you get your lenses, if they come in a bottle with an aluminium cap protector, be very careful. 

See that ring under the plastic cap? If you follow it around you will see some arrows where you are supposed to pull to remove the ring. It will come apart and start to unwind. If that rim breaks, do not try to pull it off with your fingers. That ring is very sharp and will slice your fingers. Get a pair of scissors and gently pry it off of the plastic stopper that is underneath. 

To read the rest of my first time user tips, look under the cut. 

13 March 2015

Song of the Night

Tonight's a twofer!

I just discovered that Marilyn Manson did a cover of You're So Vain by Carly Simon. And it's amazeballs.

So now that you've heard his version, let's take it old school and listen to the original. 

One of my favorite versions, a song called Mick n Carly, is unfortunately not available anymore on youtube. It was a spliced up version of You're So Vain with Miss You. It was the shiz, lemme tell you. It's my ultimate favorite version and I'm sad I can't share it with you!

Enjoy, darlings!

Feelings Rant

How is one supposed to feel when you've been lead on and then dropped by someone you trust?

Everyone has had that happen, I'm sure.

I feel rather like this:

But on the same token I just want to let loose with anger and do something like this: 

I have a tendency to hold grudges. It's very childish of me, I know, I just cannot help it. When I feel wronged by someone and they act like it is all fine and dandy, how else should I feel? 

Like you say you're going to do me a favor and then all of a sudden you can't do it because of some other sort of circumstances? 

This can only happen so many times before I can't take it anymore. I already deal enough with shit as it is with illness, I don't have time for someone to lead me on about something and then back out at the last second for whatever God awful reason they have. 

In the end, it leaves me feeling like this: 

In other news, I'm not sure if I've blogged about my sister being ill, but she's starting to get better! She sprained her ankle at a concert and has been pretty much home bound ever since. That's not a bad thing, but we live on opposite sides of the city and I've missed my time with my sister and my babies (her children). 

I was also given the chance to try some amazing skin products that are supposed to target fine lines like the lovely little buggers that have popped up around my eyes. Aging is such a bitch. That will be here in a few weeks, and a review will be posted as soon as I start seeing some results. Hopefully this product works as well as it claims!

Thank you for listening to my rant, and if you have any advice on what to do when you feel slighted please let me know. I really want to somehow rectify this situation without blowing up on the person and acting like a huge baby. 

Check my new signature, yo,


Palestinian Flag Inspired Eye Makeup

I am extremely proud of my Irish and Palestinian heritage. I'm always looking for ways to honor it, which is rather hard in this southern town that doesn't seem to take to kindly to differences. I've even been told that I shouldn't announce that my family originated in Jerusalem on one side, until I reminded said closed minded individual that Jesus was originally from the area. Then he turned red and left me alone. 

This was my inspiration:

Mine is nowhere near as good, since I was very limited in what products I had to use for this. 

Anyway, here's the look in several different pictures. I was fighting for natural light!

First I went in with a green, the brightest green I had, and patted the pigment all over my lid. I came back in with a fluffy brush and added the black and tried to smoke it out the best I could. 

Then I did the white on my brow bone, inner corner, and a little over the eye closest to my nose. 

That was when I realised, FML, I don't have a bright enough red. 

Lipstick to the rescue! I used one of my Revlon reds to line the bottom part of my eye. 

To wrap the whole look up, I added two layers of my Miss Manga mascara and removed clumps with a lash comb.

I think this is my favorite picture of the finished look!

It didn't come out near as nicely as I was hoping, but I am no professional makeup artist by any means! I'm the skincare girl, haha. 

I plan on doing another version of this look when my sister is better and able to bring me some red liner and a darker green with a better pigment. 

As an end to this post, I don't want to get too political, so I leave you with the image above. 

I am proud of my heritage, and pray daily for the freedom and safety of my brothers and sisters in Palestine. 


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