15 March 2015

Beachy Wave How To and Results

I have always loved curls since I have straight hair. My sister has beautiful black ringlets, and I have hair that doesn't take to curls very well unless I add a TON of heat.

I've seen tutorials all over the place on how to create lovely beachy waves without using heat by just letting your hair dry in a loose bun.

After I showered last night, instead of blow drying my hair, I let it air dry.

This is what it looks like when it's just dried with my towel and allowed to dry until slightly damp. I didn't use any product, just my general Pantene Beautiful Lengths shampoo and conditioner. 

Then I threw it back into a loose bun and held it in place with a clip. 

I slept on it. 

This morning I left it up for about two hours after I got up, and then took it down before we made a trip to a friend's house. 

I'm not sure if it would be considered a success since it's wavy but not what I expected. 

Success? Fail? I'll let you decide. 


  1. Your hair is so long and pretty, definite jealously here! Oh yes, I know the straight hair curse all too well though... no matter how much time I spend curling it, it looks straight again in a matter of hours so I don't even waste the time anymore haha! They need to make a miracle for us stubborn hair ladies.


    1. Thanks! I think that is roughly five years of growth. I need to take off a few inches, but I'll miss my mermaid hair.

      There really needs to be a product for us difficult hair ladies. I've tried the curling wands, and they work ok but I lose curl after an hour. I have even tried the method of using a flat iron to create huge disco curls, and nothing. My sister? She can have a whole head of killer disco curls with a flat iron and that's it.

      It's time to start a revolution XD

  2. its so great you did it without any help from curling iron.
    thank you for the recommendation. i would it try..
    i cant wait for summer coming :D

    1. When you do, let me know how it works! I think my hair is so heavy that the curl didn't take as well as it would had my hair been shorter or thinner.

      I can't wait to go to the beach again! The water has been too cold to enjoy, even here in Florida.


  3. maybe try braiding it next time? or do two buns instead of one?
    the waves are really natural and nice though :)

    1. Someone on my blog's facebook page mentioned trying two buns. I've tried braiding, and it comes out so poofy!

      I think I need to make a real trip to the beach and let the salt water dry in and see what happens!



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