01 March 2015

Everything Sucks Today

I am having one of those days where I just hate everything. Like everything just freakin sucks.

I feel I have been very blessed in the past few weeks, with many wonderful things happening, so I feel really terrible that right now everything is making me mad.

I think it is because of my jerk neighbor. He had the police at his house last night and I had information on the situation that they were there about, so my boyfriend and I ran across the street to talk to the cop (a personal friend of ours), and my neighbor looked at the cop and said "I don't want those two on my lawn". I wanted to tell him to stop being such a fucking chode, but I kept my cool.

Since then, his negative energy has made all of my happiness turn into dark and ugly clouds that are covering all of the happy good things and making the insignificant bad things seem like life threatening disasters.

A few weeks ago I shattered my phone screen. It isn't terribly bad, but my phone is now ugly and I am slowly beginning to hate it. I've never gone long with a phone with a cracked screen so it's bothering me.

I have a theory on this, though: I call it the two year curse. Each time I get an iPhone, almost two years to the day I purchase it I crack the screen. My first iphone I was so proud of. I had gotten a government job and was making great money, and I used my very first paycheck to get my iPhone 3. It was my very first expensive purchase that I didn't have to take out credit for (that was my iMac Pro, which has since gone to Apple Heaven - I miss her dearly.)

Two years and one day after I bought the phone it fell out of my pocket at the supermarket and shattered the screen. I cried, used it for another month or two, and then went and got the cheapest flip phone I could find.

After that I had a ZTE Warp, which was an alright phone, it's just an Android and I do not know how to use those freakin space phones. They are so complicated I hated it. I used it, I just didn't like it.

Not long after that I broke my ankle and my boyfriend, the sweetest man, bought me an iPhone 4s. 

Two years later, as I'm suffering through another bought of illness, I go to get off of my bed, caught my foot in the charger cord, and sent my poor phone flying off of the bed and onto the floor. I knew immediately that she was done, because it had been two years and a week since he had gotten it for me. 

I almost cried, but I held it together. I have been through this catastrophe before. We just patched it up with a screen protector and put my John Wayne case on it to prevent any further damage. 

The other thing that is making me very mad right now is I was stupid enough to update my iPad to the newest OS, and it's such an old model that the newest OS is making it run super slow and all of my apps crash. 

I did it for an app called PopTok. It's a really cool way to practice vocabulary words in another language. Since I'm learning Korean I thought it would be a nice thing to have. 

Unfortunately I can't play it on my ipad because it won't run. It crashes. Now I hate myself for ruining a good thing. 

Such stupid little things have ruined my day so bad that I want to cry it out. 

My boyfriend is scouring Ebay right now to find me a new one at a decent price, I just don't want to ask him to spend too much on a new phone for me. I should be able to buy it, I just can't work right now because I'm ill, and I will be out of the workforce for the foreseeable future. This is going to take six months to a year to heal, I'm going to have to find another way to get a new phone. 

I was going to sell my dad's truck. My father is currently incarcerated for things that I do not wish to speak of. He has given me permission to sell his truck, and the buyer I have backed out. I only want $500 for it because it has a clutch problem, otherwise I'd be driving it myself when I get better. 

If someone would buy that truck, all I'd have to do is throw in an extra $100 (which I have from doing people's taxes this year). I just don't want to sell it out from under the other buyer who is a close friend of mine. That truck is very dear to me and I'd rather see someone I know take it since I know he will take care of it. He's always taken impeccable care of his cars. I also think it would be rude to just sell it without asking if he wants to work out a deal first, like a payment plan. 

I sound so materialistic in this post. I swear I'm not usually like this, but having my phone is my lifeline. It's how I talk with my sister, the greatest sister in the history of sisters. It's how I share my photos, call my grandmother, do my email most of the time. It's become a lifeline, which is sad. Technology shouldn't be such a crutch for me. 

I sound spoiled. 

Bianca is judging me. Hard.

My boyfriend even tried to say that he spoils me, which he does, but I told him "if you spoiled me you'd buy me a new phone". I regret saying that now. He's not mad, he just told me to take my hormonal ass to the next room so he could watch The Walking Dead. We usually watch together, I'm just so upset that I didn't even want to watch it this week. 

If you made it through that rant, you deserve a medal for listening to me whine like a child. 

Maybe I am a little spoiled. 

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