25 March 2015

Feeding Time With The Jelly Beans

Today my sister took me to her boyfriend's house so I could help her feed the kittens they found. Unfortunately, I suck butt at feeding kittens, but I did get to spend some time with them. One of them did start to eat, the fat kitten I named Arlene, but she had enough really quick and my sister had to finish XD

UPDATE: For some reason my videos wouldn't work, so you get jelly bean pictures!

The litter is all girls with one boy. The oddball there, the calico/tortie is my sister's cat Kali.

That big orange poofy burrower is Arlene. I fell in love with her from day one. She's so fat! When she's old enough, I want to bring her home!

What makes me even happier is I made it to his house without getting sick! I went with zero meds (except a migraine medication) and made the trip better than I would have done with drugs. Yeah. 

So meet the jelly beans! I'd say they are probably a month old since they have no milk teeth yet. 

I think spending time with them also helped. Kitten therapy!


  1. which are so sweet ^^


  2. Awwwwh they look like little puff balls! So stinking cute :)


    1. They are so adorable! I laid on the floor and two of them purred for me, and few things make me happier than a little kitten purr <3


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