24 March 2015

Garnier Clean+ Blackhead Eliminating Scrub Day One

As a member of the Allure Beauty Enthusiasts, I have been given the chance to try the Garnier Clean+ Blackhead Eliminating Scrub. Tonight was night one

I just used it, so I'm going to start tracking my progress!

The scrub itself is a gel with little exfoliating beads and charcoal in it.

You put some in your wet hands and rub them together and a lovely exfoliating cream appears!

My skin feels so smooth, though a little dry since the product contains salicylic acid. Definitely use your usual lotion after use!

You'll see the extras in my full review, but for now I leave you my night one selfie.

I had to be super careful to not get it into my piercing!

I'm a little worried about my nose ring. Since we clamped it shut, it almost looks infected. It's red, but not warm to the touch. I think it might be normal, I described my issue to my piercer and he said it was normal. Like there was a little pus that came out, more clear/white and runny than yucky and yellow. Almost like if you pop a zit. Gross, I know, I just need to get that out because I'm a damn nervous Nancy and terrified of infection. 

Stay tuned for tomorrow's results!

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