04 March 2015

Good Day + Walgreens Haul

Today has been an amazing day. My illness hasn't held me back in the slightest!

My sister took me to therapy today, and then we went to eat at the restaurant my boyfriend works at, the first time I'd been out to eat in months. I got to eat with my Shannie Banannie and my baby Ezme. 

After my mother got home around 6, I asked her to take me to Walgreens so I could get some Visine for contacts, since my circle lenses dry out my eyes a little bit. 

I got really nauseous on the ride there and dissolved a valium under my tongue, which made all of the icky feelings go away. I really didn't think I was going to make it but I pushed myself. Everything turned out just fine! I even made a friend in the pharmacy. He wants to buy a dog from our kennel!

While there, I got a little carried away with the makeup. Mom knows I've been depressed so she spoiled me a bit ^_^

I will be doing full posts about each product, so today I'm going to just show you my goodies!

I have been wanting a new foundation, so I found this Rimmel BB Matte BB Cream in light. It claims to be a nine in one, so I'm ready to put those claims to the test!

There were two other kinds there, though I just remember this one and the original. I believe the other one was orange. I cannot find it on the Rimmel website. 

Another thing that excited me was seeing a post a few weeks ago about the Disney Princess makeup tools. One of my second stops in the store was in the makeup brush section. I had to hunt for this beauty, but I found it! It's the same concept as a Beauty Blender, so I hope it doesn't disappoint. 

I was really hoping to see the Princess Jasmine set, which I believe are eyeshadow brushes, but they didn't have them T_T Jasmine is my favorite princess. 

This I have been wanting to try since it came out, I just haven't been able to get to the store. I really hope it amplifies lashes like it claims to do. I really want this product to be a toot and not a boot. I trust L'oreal very much with makeup, they've never gone wrong with me. 

I'm a total kid when it comes to Disney Princesses, so when I saw their Frozen collection I knew I had to buy something from it!

I had a package of Kiss lashes in my basket, but they quickly went away for these. Nothing against Kiss, they make great products, it's just this Elsa set, made by Ardell, was $7.99 for both pairs. 

The top set is black and the bottom is blue. They say they enhance brown eyes, but I'm all about that dramatic black lash look. It's what I get for looking up to so many amazing drag queens!

The ORLY Color Blast nail polish collection for frozen is HUGE. There are so many colors I wanted to get  so many of them, they are just a bit pricy if you are looking at getting a lot of polish. 

They have quite a few of these duo sets, and I wanted them all! It was $10.99 for this polish duo, and if you bought them individually they were $6.99 a piece. I went with the duo, even though I'm not all for that magenta color. I have the blue on right now and it is Elsa all day long. 

There is another Elsa color, called Coronation Day, that I'm going to go back on Friday with my sister to get. I hope it's still there!

Even though you can't see the name, this is Cauldron Couture by Sinful Colors. 

With St. Patrick's day coming up, I wanted something a little green yet a little darker to fit my dark side. I'm Irish and Palestinian and I love both cultures very much, but on St. Patty's day the Irish comes out in full force! 

Bargain Alert!! In my Walgreens, the Sinful Colors are currently on sale for 99 cents, a real steal! Check your local Walgreens, maybe you can find some cool Sinful Colors that suit you and get them on the cheap. 

They also have a great deal going on now on their Well at Walgreens Heat Therapy Patches. I got two boxes for $10.99, when they are usually something like $7 for a box of three patches. 

After all of this beauty shopping, I finally made my way back to the contact lens solutions and eye drops. I almost got some Rhoto drops until the pharmacist told me they weren't safe for lens wearers. Looks like I need to go online and see if they have some for lenses!

If you wear circle lenses, make sure to get yourself a good eye drop for lenses. I wore mine to the store and got so many compliments on them (thank you Klenspop!), but the dry air in the store dried my eyes out so bad it felt like I had sandpaper for eyeballs. The Visine took the discomfort away immediately. I took them out not long after that. It made getting them out easier, too!

Keep an eye out for full reviews and swatches of these products in the coming days!

I hope your day was as excellent as mine, and have a kick ass tomorrow!

xx Vonnie

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