02 March 2015

Great Day

Good evening, lovelies!

Today has been an AMAZING day. 

I made it both to therapy and to my doctor's appointment without getting sick in the car. I did so well that my fabulous boyfriend took me and bought me a new phone! It's an LG G2, the same thing he has. I really wanted an iPhone since I'm an Apple whore, but the G2 has this really cool feature built right into the camera called Beauty Shot that will smooth out and brighten your skin. Built in photoshop. What more can a girl ask for? The camera is also something like 13 megapixel, so it takes fabulous pictures with both front and back facing cameras. He also got me a cutesie pink case so we can tell our phones apart - he has the same phone and his has a blue case. 

Since stupid me gave him the wrong pin number for my Virgin phone, we had to go back up later that day and give the wireless center the right pin so they could turn off my iPhone's service. What was supposed to happen was I go to therapy, he goes to the wireless center and buys the new phone, ports my number over to said new phone, iPhone service would end, and I'd have a brand spankin new phone by the time I got home from having my head shaked and baked. 

Armed with the wrong pin, my phone service never cut off. Generally it can take as little as 15 minutes, all the way up to 45 minutes. Not four hours. 

We went to a second doctor's appointment (I'm fine, just a Nervous Nancy), then to the phone store where we got it all straightened out. 

From there I walked around the corner to The Tobacco Place, competition of the place I used to work and where I currently refuse to shop. They carry these amazing Smoke Odor candles (which you can buy at Smoker's Outlet Online) and I bought three. When I say these candles are the shiz, I mean they are the total shiz. They will hide any odor from tobacco and cigarette smoke to pets. People that come to my house don't realize I have a cat half of the time. Anyway, I bought Brazilian Coffee which smells just as delicious as it sounds, Sugar Skull which smells like a men's cologne or possibly deodorant, and Spring Flowers which smells just like the Sunflowers perfume that my aunt used to wear in the mid to late 90's. 

The rest of my purchases aren't exciting. A really cool phoenix cigarette case, a digital scale (tiny, and much more accurate than any kitchen scale I've ever used!), and something else my boyfriend tossed onto the counter. 

Most of all I'm pleased that I was able to make it all around town today without getting woozy in the car once! I was able to go on a little shopping spree, even if it was a tobacco store! My doctor is so proud of my progress. 

On top, I got to watch the premier of RuPaul's Drag Race! I'm living for Miss Fame and Violet Chachki! I imagine the episode will be put online tomorrow on Logo's website. Watch it, kiki with me! I'm on twitter, facebook, and google plus. Let's talk about all of the eleganza!

I'm going to let Anna describe how today felt for me: 

I'm also really excited because I got a package in the mail today that I'm SOOO ready to share with all of you, plus another piece of exciting news that I will be sharing with you later. Here's a sneak peak of the package. 

 Any guesses, darlings? 

I hope your day has been as amazing as mine, and if it wasn't just take some advice from Miss Large and In Charge herself, Latrice Royale: get out there, be sickning, and make them EAT it!

Have a great night!

xx Vonnie

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