20 March 2015

My Experience with Rodan + Fields Redfefine Collection

Thanks to iFabbo, I was given the amazing opportunity to try the Rodan + Fields Redefine collection. 

I received two different products from the line, their regimen for the appearance of lines, pores, and loss of firmness which is a three step system, and their Acute Care for expression lines. 

The Regimen came in the neatest little pack that reminded me of a lunch sack. 

Inside you will find the Daily Cleansing Mask, Pore Minimizing Toner, Triple Defense Treatment Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen and Overnight Restorative Cream. 


Somewhere in the ether of the Internet, my picture of the redefine Daily Cleansing Mask has disappeared, but I do still have my picture of the product itself!

On the directions it says to use a quarter sized portion, I just used a smidge more for camera purposes. It feels soft and creamy, but you can feel the little exfoliating beads as you put it on. I compare it almost to like the exfoliation in the Neutrogena Acne System, very gentle and feels nice. 

You leave it on for two minutes to dry and then wash it off. 

Next step is toner.


Just like any other toner, you put this on after you have washed and dried your face. 

The next step depends on if you are doing the routine in the AM or PM. 

For the morning, you use the broad spectrum sunscreen. 


This cream is so thick and silky. It goes on and absorbs very quickly. 

Then, for PM, you use the Overnight Restorative Cream. 


This is my favorite feature of this packaging - it makes it so much easier to just grab the cream because it is clearly marked with PM. 

Just like the morning cream, this cream is very thick and luxurious feeling on the skin. It doesn't absorb as well, but it leaves you with some killer moisture. You wake up feeling moisturized. 

I was also given the Acute Care for expression lines. 

You use these three times a week to target the crows feet around the eyes. I've read that you can use them anywhere you want to target, though they are curved perfectly for the under eye area. 

When I saw them sealed like this, I got crazy excited because I had no idea what to expect when I opened the package! 

They are definitely nifty. You have to carefully take them out of the package and remove the white paper to reveal the adhesive. 

My only major complaint with these is I found them very uncomfortable because of the spines inside that feel sharp before the product melts into your skin. 

I also had a lot of redness left behind from the adhesive. 

Unfortunately, I had to stop using this product after three uses because it hurt my skin. I normally do not have sensitive skin, so I was shocked when this product left me with some pretty extreme redness and what looked like a blister in my hairline. The first time I used the regimen I was fine, but the second and third made my skin feel like it was on fire.

I was so disappointed because I was incredibly stoked about using this line because I do have lines that are starting to show up now that I've hit my 30's. I consider myself very luck because my skin looks much better than most of my classmates and peers my age, but I also love to use products like this as preventatives so my signs of aging are minimal. I smoke and lightly drink, so I think I have aged very well compared to some of my peers. 

With that said, from what I've seen on their website of the results others have had, I would recommend you do your research to determine if this product is right for you. I've seen some amazing before and after pictures that made my jaw drop. 

I would like to thank iFabbo for this wonderful opportunity, even though I wasn't able to test the product fully. I am very grateful that I was given this chance to try these products. 

To learn more about these products, visit the link for Rodan and Fields, which you can find at the link at the top of this post. Follow +Rodan + Fields on Google + and you can find them at RodanFieldsHQ on Twitter to learn more about their other line of products. I hope that you find one that is right for you!

 DISCLOSURE: I was given these products to try for review purposes through iFabbo. This review is all my own opinion and experience with the products. 

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