13 March 2015

Palestinian Flag Inspired Eye Makeup

I am extremely proud of my Irish and Palestinian heritage. I'm always looking for ways to honor it, which is rather hard in this southern town that doesn't seem to take to kindly to differences. I've even been told that I shouldn't announce that my family originated in Jerusalem on one side, until I reminded said closed minded individual that Jesus was originally from the area. Then he turned red and left me alone. 

This was my inspiration:

Mine is nowhere near as good, since I was very limited in what products I had to use for this. 

Anyway, here's the look in several different pictures. I was fighting for natural light!

First I went in with a green, the brightest green I had, and patted the pigment all over my lid. I came back in with a fluffy brush and added the black and tried to smoke it out the best I could. 

Then I did the white on my brow bone, inner corner, and a little over the eye closest to my nose. 

That was when I realised, FML, I don't have a bright enough red. 

Lipstick to the rescue! I used one of my Revlon reds to line the bottom part of my eye. 

To wrap the whole look up, I added two layers of my Miss Manga mascara and removed clumps with a lash comb.

I think this is my favorite picture of the finished look!

It didn't come out near as nicely as I was hoping, but I am no professional makeup artist by any means! I'm the skincare girl, haha. 

I plan on doing another version of this look when my sister is better and able to bring me some red liner and a darker green with a better pigment. 

As an end to this post, I don't want to get too political, so I leave you with the image above. 

I am proud of my heritage, and pray daily for the freedom and safety of my brothers and sisters in Palestine. 


  1. Nice look! I feel that when wanting colors to POP it is really good to use your finger to apply the color^^
    I really dislike people who judge others based on where they are from, they actually made a TV show here in Iceland called "Our Muslims" to introduce how Muslims live here in Iceland (as it seems that fear is popping up?! like wtf!?). I like that they are trying to lessen the fear but it still seems weird that they would even need to, and it sucks! And honestly I am so ashamed of those Icelandic people that fear Muslims and people from Iran, Palestine and other countries just because of their religion and ancestry....

    1. I'll have to try that. What is weird is some of the colors are vibrant, then you have that green that was just so blah.

      I'll have to see if I can find Our Muslims online. We tried a show like that here in America, but it was very quickly cancelled because people actually threatened to stop watching that network if they aired a show about Muslim life in America. It's very said the mentality most Americans have. I have wanted to start wearing a hijab, but I fear that if I do someone will try and kill me. Last month, not long after the movie American Sniper was released, someone broke into the home of a young Muslim couple and killed them execution style. It seems like that movie fanned the flames of hatred, and it makes me ashamed to say that I am an American citizen.

    2. Yeah some colors are a pain in the butt!

      Yeah, we hear about these kind of things happening in America a lot, and I think it is so sad, both with Muslims and black people. I just really wished prejudice and hatred towards people would stop><

  2. this looks really great, and the colors are so pretty =D
    if you want chaut times over with me, would be glad ^^


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