20 March 2015

Physician's Formula Nude Wear Touch of Glow Stick

About a month ago or so I entered a contest on the Physician's Formula site to win a Nude Wear Touch of Glow Stick. 

I was totally amazed when I learned that I was one of the winners!

Today my stick arrived and it is the neatest thing ever. 

This is a concealer + foundation + highlighter + touch up tool all in one stick.  It claims it erases any imperfections and restores the nude glow of natural skin. 

I love the packaging, since it's metallic. I'm a sucker for things that shine, like a freakin raven or something. 

My only disappointment is it's a little dark for me, at least on my hand. I haven't done a full face with it yet since I just got it.  I may have to give it to my mother, who is a bit darker than I am.

This swatch was just a single light swipe. The product goes on so smooth. This is the first foundation stick that has gone on this smooth and this neatly. I tried a L'oreal stick many years ago that went on cakey so it turned me off on the stick cosmetics altogether, but this? I am so pleased with how this goes on. It feels like silk!

This is after I blended it a bit with my finger. When I do full face I'm going to use my beauty blender and see if I can really get it to match my skin as closely as possible. 

Thank you, Physician's Formula for holding this contest! I rarely win things, so I was super duper stoked when I found out I would get a chance to try this product. 

For your own chance to win cool little things like this, head to the Physician's Formula website and sign up for their newsletters. You'll be the first to know about contests like these where you can win free products, be first to know about new products, and even get great deals on their cosmetics. 

Disclaimer: I won this item in a contest held by Physician's Formula. All opinions on this product are mine after trying this sample. 

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