28 March 2015

[Review] Bellesentials Facial Hair Remover

As most of my followers know, I'm a hairy individual. I was blessed on both sides of my family to be a hairy individual. I usually go to my cousin the hairdresser to get my brows and lip waxed. Even with a family discount, that gets expensive really fast. 

As I browsed through Tomoson.com, I saw an ad for a hair removal review that I knew I had to try. 

This is the Bellesentials Facial Hair Remover, which you can purchase at that link from Amazon for $10.95

It looks just like what you think it is: a little spring with plastic handles. It also came with this brow razor to get those things that you miss when you use the hair remover. 

It's crazy easy to use. 

You turn it into a little upside down U shape, place it on the hair you want to remove, and twist! Easy peasy, lemon squeezie. 

It's almost like threading. 

For most hair, it's quite painless. I tried it on my lip and it was a little painful. 

What I like about this tool is I can use it in the comfort of my own home and not have to travel to a salon to get my hair removal done, something that doesn't work out so well with my illness as of right now. 

I also took a quick video so you can see how it works, and how easy it is. 

I've seriously never used a product like this before. The other night we had a full blown family hair removal party. As I said in the video, my stepson didn't take so well to it, but my stepdaughter and other stepson didn't have such a violent reaction to it. 

I find it incredibly easy to use. U shape, twist, and done. 

I wish I could make this so much longer, but there isn't much more to say than I love it. 

This product is a total toot

Follow the link in the top of this post to pick up your own and remove that annoying peach fuzz!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I received this product for review purposes. 


  1. I've seen this tool around a lot years ago. i should pick one up soon since i wax my upper lips, eyebrows and my sideburns off all the time. i probably wont use it for my eyebrows though haha

    1. It's a bit painful for the upper lip, I found, but I also have the pain tolerance of a newborn baby. You may be able to use it just fine. For sideburns and other areas, it's a great product. I love using it for the peach fuzz on the sides of my face and the bit I've got on my neck from being on steroids years ago when I had pneumonia.

      I did try it on the middle of my eyebrows, since I have light fuzz there, and it wasn't bad. For shaping purposes I used the eyebrow razor that came with it. It makes life so easy.


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