08 March 2015

[Review] L'Oreal Voluminous Black Angel Miss Manga Mascara

Today I am finally reviewing my L'oreal Voluminous Black Angel Miss Manga mascara!

The last pictures I took were terrible and ended up being a BB Cream review. I had taken some pictures and edited them with a new app to take away my dark circles, they just didn't show up in my backup on here. I'll add those as soon as I can figure out where the heck they are. 

Onto the review. 

This is the mascara, purchased during my Walgreens beauty haul. I have wanted to try this from the moment it came out and I saw the ads in the magazines, but I've been really sick and unable to travel. This is from my first trip out in months. 

It makes some great claims. 

The only downside is I didn't see a waterproof color in this Extra Black. That is a must for me, especially as I use eye drops for my circle lenses and nine times out of ten I'll miss my eye before I ever actually hit the target. 

The tube is typical L'oreal pretty. I love the metallic pink, but I'm a pink person all through and through. 

This is the brush. As always, it's never the same as it looks on the packaging. 

 It does have that little bend so you can get into all sorts of hard to reach places as far as lashes go. 

I'm going to say now that this is not clump free as it claims, so make sure you have a brush to undo those clumps and separate those lashes for true big volume. 

As you can see, this does extend my lashes very nicely. I love a dramatic lash, and this product delivers in spades. I layered two coats on my right eye, one coat on my left, just to give a good comparision. 

Here we have a direct look, and Vonnie looks like she's crosseyed. 

You can see that there are some clumps (claim busted!) that I just couldn't get rid of. I separated my lashes as much as I could without creating a total mess. 

This product is a total toot. It's become my favorite mascara. I can't wait to layer this with some false lashes. That is going to look sickning!

I hope you all had a lovely Saturday. I would have blogged, but I was pretty sick last night. I had visited a friend's house, something else I hadn't done since I got ill, and I got really sick while I was over there. She made me lunch and I don't think it settled right. Last night ended with me heavily medicated and shoving orange chicken into my face like it was going out of style. 

Hopefully today will be better!

xx Vonnie

UPDATE: Here are the edited pictures. I'm just learning how to use the app, so they are a little sloppy.

I even erased the Mt. Fuji zit next to my eye! If you haven't already, check out the Meitu BeautyCam app. So many different ways to make your beautiful self even more flawless!

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