01 April 2015

[Review] Youth Glow Eye Gel from goPure Naturals

My eyes are puffy. 
Most of you who have been following me for some time know that I have issues with under eye redness and puffiness, with dark circles to boot. 

I'm always on the lookout for a new eye gel to try to see if I can reduce the puff and stuff that is going on under my eyes. As one of my favorite features, I want them to have the best canvas to stand out on. 

When I found this on Brand Backer, I got really excited. This product is designed to reduce dark eye circles, puffiness, and wrinkles. It's made with all sorts of all natural goodness, which gave me very high hopes. 


goPure Naturals was started by a mother, Erin Keyan, who was shocked to find that so many products contain toxic and dangerous chemical ingredients. Her solution? Create a company that only has the best natural ingredients that women can trust and use to look their best. 

If you really look at the labels of the products you use, the ingredients can be shocking! Then you ask yourself, why am I using these products? What are they doing to my skin? 

This is what the bottle looks like. The label was hard for me to read, so I apologize if you have issues trying to read it from my pictures.

This is a really easy to use product. Just dab it around your eye area, twice a day for best results. 

The size is pretty small, as you can see it set next to my standard sized lighter for comparison. 

This is what it looks like on my hand. It's fairly thick and transparent. One full pump is way too much for the eye area alone. I also put it in between my eyebrows since I've got a lovely wrinkle forming there from scrunching my face as I think. It's so deep it almost deserves it's own little awards speech. "I'd like to thank calculus and advanced math courses, and infectious disease classes for making me what I am today. A big wrinkle."

Unfortunately, this is another product that caused me skin problems. I have an issue with one of the ingredients, I'm not exactly sure which one, and it caused my skin to burn a bit so I don't have accurate results to share with you. 

I'm not going to toot or boot this product like I generally do with reviews since I can't tell you how it worked for me. My skin simply did not like it.

I think if my skin wasn't as sensitive, this would be a great product. It has peptides, plant stem cells, and more vitamins than you can shake a stick at.  I'm so disappointed that this product did not work for me. 

If you would like to try this product, head over to Amazon and check it out. There are tons of great reviews of this product already, and I wish I could add my own. This product has helped a lot of women, and I hope it can help you!

Disclosure: I received this product for free through Brand Backer for review purposes. 


  1. It's nice that this product is all natural but what a shame that it didn't agree with your skin. I have problems like that sometimes when trying new skincare as well. At least you didn't spend good money on it.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

    1. I'm actually really disappointed! I am avoiding makeup now because of my new piercing, so I was hoping that it would kill my darker circles.

      Maybe my boyfriend's sister will have better luck with it than I did.

  2. Too bad it didn't work out for you :( I'm allergic to an unknown ingredient in some lip balm brands too, i'm not sure what it is though and its frustrating so i'm always really cautious when buying from new brands hahaha

    1. I have the same problem!

      I've discovered that it's usually mentholated ingredients that are the worst for lip irritation. I can't use Burt's Bees and Softlips because of it. It's why I generally stick to my DHC balm since I know it doesn't hurt my face! That, or EOS, I just have to check the label before I buy since some of them have menthol in them.


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