23 March 2015

Song of the Night

Today was a pretty righteous day, even though I did get a bit of a talking to from my grandmother about getting my nose pierced!

I got some new products to try, I got to see some furry jelly beans (kittens), I spent time with two of my besties and my sister, and I cooked a kick ass dinner. 

So yeah, Today Was a Good Day.

The only bad part was the ball of my nose ring came out T_T

Luckily my piercer is coming back tonight to fix it. I need to be a little less aggressive when I clean it!


  1. Oops! How come your nose ring came out? Did you accidentally open it?

    1. The ring stayed, just the captive bead popped out. I was cleaning it a little too aggressively, I suppose. I just had to keep an eye on the hoop to make sure it didn't come out.

      I talked to my piercer and he suggested I just clamp the ring closed. After a Valium and a prayer, I handed my boyfriend the needle nose pliers and he closed the hoop right up!

      I think it looks better without the ball. Captive beads are such a pain in the butt.


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