03 March 2015

[Sponsored Review] Bunny Color Brown Circle Lenses

Hi, everyone!

Today I have a review from Klenspop, or simply Lenspop as they are known in Korea.

I cannot even explain how good these lenses make me feel! Lenses, a little of natural makeup and I feel like a total diva! I feel beautiful.

Before we get into the fun stuff, I want to give you a little information about the product. 

These are the Bunny Color in Brown, which retail for $13.00. 

They have a 14mm diameter, a graphic diameter of 13.8mm, and a base curve of 8.6mm. Their water content is 38%, which makes for happy Vonnie eyes, and a life span of one year. They were made in South Korea. 

My lenses arrived in this neat little shipping box.

Inside, they were very securely wrapped in multiple layers of bubble wrap to protect them. This was very snug in the box, something that pleased me because I knew I was getting a product that was not damaged in shipping. 

After a little digging through the wrapping, I got to the main prize!

This is the back of the box, with basic instructions for how to insert your lenses. Very handy for first time users!

These were the items inside the box: the Bunny Color lenses in brown, a case (it's upside down here - when it's the right way it has a pink lid and a clear lid clearly marked with L and R so you know which lens is for what eye) and a pair of tweezers. These come in handy if you have long nails!

I ended up using a cotton swab to remove them from the jars because I was not very handy with the tweezers!

Here is a closeup of the bottles. 

I tried my hardest to get a good image of the lenses in the bottles, I just shake a little too bad to get such delicate images. 

I managed to get one, though I'm not sure how I feel about it. 

I soaked them in Opti-Free Puremoist solution overnight and put them in first thing this morning. 

I was so surprised how thin these lenses are! I had a little trouble getting them in because of how thin they are. They kept getting caught on my eyelashes ^_^

These were my first pair of circle lenses, so they were a bit uncomfortable at first, but after I had them in for a while and got adjusted, I couldn't even tell they were there. 

Now for the good stuff: how they look!

It's really hard to tell here since my eyes are so darn dark, but on the right there is no lens, and there is one on the left.

With Flash

Without flash, natural light from my window (which you can see reflected in my eye).

Then I got a little bit too carried away because of how good they made me feel. I threw on some natural makeup and went to town with my phone. 

This is more natural light. I think adding the makeup really brings more attention to my eyes and how beautiful the lenses are. 

This is outside in the sunlight, lounging in the hammock. I love the reflection of the trees in my eyes!

More Hammock Vonnie, full sun, full happy. 

More outside. I got rather carried away with my camera. 

And with my glasses! Serving that little "I know when the world is going to end and you don't" smile realness. 

Overall, I adore these lenses. 

I would definitely recommend these to a first time circle lens user because of how thin and comfortable they are. If you haven't had any experience with contact lenses before the initial shock of the lens being in your eye can  be a bit uncomfortable. I felt a little initial discomfort and it went away very quickly. I've been wearing them for almost six hours now, closing in on that eight hour recommended limit. 

Since my eyes are already initially so dark, no one has really noticed I'm wearing them if I don't point it out T_T

I've actually forgotten that they are in until I look in the mirror! Such comfort!

Between my new phone having a great camera, and feeling so beautiful in these lenses, I think I've become a bit too camera happy! I love, love, love how I look

Thank you so much, Klenspop, for sending me these lenses to review. I feel so beautiful!

xx Vonnie


  1. i like them! they are very natural :D
    usually i find first time lens wearers to want something that stands out more so i understand that its sad no one has noticed hahaha. i've been wearing circle lenses for roughly 7 years and my lenses get more natural as time goes haha!

    1. I love how natural these look!

      I wore them again last night when I went to the pharmacy and a lot of people I didn't know noticed and said they loved them. I even had an elderly gentleman tell me I should try red next!

      This morning I almost had a panic attack putting them in. I guess I had a cat hair stuck in my eyelashes from snuggling with my kitty and when I put the lens in the cat hair got stuck on the lens and it was caught between my eyeball and the lens. All I could see is going to the emergency room with a lens and a cat hair in my eye freaking out, haha! I got it out, it just scared me to death.

  2. I love this too, love the color it really came out natural.


    1. Thanks! I'm glad they are something natural enough to wear out on a daily basis if I want to give my look a little extra pop ^^


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