28 March 2015

[Sponsored Review] Clouds Gray Lenses from Klenspop

The amazing people at Klenspop have sent me another lens for review! This time it was Clouds Gray. I was so excited to get these lenses because I have never worn lighter lenses before!

Here's some information about this pair of lenses: 

Brand: M.I. Contact
Diameter: 14.0 mm
Graphic Diameter: 13.4 mm
Base Curve: 8.6
Water Content: 38%
Disposable: 1 year
Country of Origin: South Korea
Certifications: ISO CE KGMP
Price Includes: 1 Pair (2pcs) + Bonus Case

These lenses retail for $13 USD. 

This post isn't as picture heavy, since you've already seen the extras that come in the box from my Bunny Brown review about a month ago, so I'm going to jump right into the lenses themselves. 

Just like my last review, they came packed very neatly in a shipping box to make sure nothing got damaged in shipping. There were a set of yellow tweezers and a lens case with a pink lid and a clear lid clearly marked L and R so you don't get your lenses mixed up when you to go put them in.

This is the bottle. Very simple design. I wish I was more advanced in my Korean studies so I could read the things listed down the side of the bottle!


I actually had problems with this lens bottle. When I pulled the cap off and started to remove the aluminium that keeps the stopper in place, the aluminium broke. Thank goodness I keep a tool set! I had to use a pair of needle nose pliers to get it off  ^_^

WARNING: Never ever use your fingers to try to pull the aluminium off. It is very sharp and will cut you. The last thing you need on your beautiful fingers is a nice big gash and a trip to the emergency department to stitch your fingers back up after trying to dig into a lens vial, so always use a pair of scissors or pliers to get it off if you break the metal. If you have problems doing it even with a tool, ask someone else to do it for you. Better safe and uninjured than sorry and bleeding!

I recommend purchasing a pair of needle nose pliers, something you can get at just about any hardware store, or a pair of jewelry pliers, just in case. You never know when you might need them!

As you can see, there is a little more diameter left around the lens after the design ends. You can also see where the color isn't just around the edges, but fades out as it nears the center of the lens. At first I thought that little streak toward the top left was an eyelash (this was taken after my second attempt to put it in), but it's a part of the actual pattern.

So this is what the lenses look like out of the bottle. It doesn't look like it will do much for dark eyes, does it? 

Well, you're wrong! It changed my eyes so much I couldn't believe it!

As you can see, with the flash on, there is a HUGE difference! I expected some of my darker eyes to show through the gray so I was pleasantly surprised that even with the flash that I did not have that issue at all.

Without the flash, the difference isn't as apparent, though you can see my eyes do appear larger. 

Unfortunately, the day was a little cloudy so getting a good natural light picture was a bit rough. Go figure, trying Clouds Gray lenses and the day was cloudy and dreary!

I did manage to get this shot, looking out of my kitchen window, of what little natural light I did have. Even in natural light, they make me look like I have actual light eyes. 

And with flash. To me they look almost blue with the flash!

I always look so surprised when I'm taking pictures of lenses, haha! 

I can say that these do feel thicker than the last pair, but I think it is because I didn't soak them in solution long enough.

This first set of pictures was taken the day after I got them, after an eight hour soak in solution. They didn't feel just right, so I took them out and put them in new solution to let them soak again.

I'd say it's been maybe a week since then and I decided to try them again to give a better opinion, since my first impressions weren't exactly the greatest because I felt uncomfortable. I have been having terrible migraine headaches as of late that haven't helped matters any, so combine that with an uncomfortable lens and you get a pretty unhappy Vonnie.

Now that they have soaked longer in my Biotrue, I think they have softened up a great deal, and they are much more comfortable.

I also think that the first time I tried to put the left lens in, it may have been backwards. I have found it a little harder to figure out if the lens is facing the right direction with this pair compared to the first pair I got. Though I did discover that if they are the right direction, when you are cleaning them before you put them in, they will fold if you pour your solution directly into lens. Easiest way of determining if they are facing the right direction other than looking at the edges to see if they are forming a little cup or if they have a little lip thing going on.

Since I didn't have much natural light the first time I took pictures, I took some more today! It's a little cloudy today, too, unfortunately. It's just been a really rainy week in Florida!

We have to have the hammock picture, since it's got the best natural light in my yard, and it's my happy place! I think you can really see the enlargement in this shot.

And a lots of natural sunlight shot. In this you can still see the enlargement, but my natural eyes shine through a bit more. I still think they look fantastic. 

Before anyone says something, yes, I did retouch this shot a bit because I am not wearing makeup right now. I just got my nose pierced last Sunday and I'm terrified of getting anything other than salt water or my antimicrobial soap near it. I forgot to clean it last night so it's a little swollen and red today, and actually hurts more than it did a few days ago. That makes me really nervous.

Back on track.

 I say that this lens is a total toot

Thank you again, Klenspop, for allowing me to review another pair of your lenses.

I went out to get the mail today wearing them and the woman that delivers my mail fell in love with them and wants to try a pair! She said to not be surprised if one day she shows up with blue eyes ^_^ 

Disclosure: I received these lenses from Klenspop for review purposes. I was not compensated in any other way, just the lenses. 


  1. I love how subtle yet different these are on you! They didn't look like they'd make much of a difference when seeing the pattern on your finger but they actually look really really pretty once in :) I love how different lighting changes the color a bit too. I've really wanted to get into wearing circle lenses, but I think it'd probably be best to get an eye appointment first to find out my base curve and all that jazz before possibly messing up my eyes :< I wore color contacts before that ended up being a disaster so now they slightly terrify me hahah.

    Also really love the nose hoop! Hopefully everything goes good with the healing process though, I know piercings can be so moody sometimes :(

    1. I was surprised that I could wear them. I have astigmatism and I'm still able to wear them without pain. I got the coolest pair today that look like purple flowers! I'm a little afraid of them because they are 15mm diameter, the largest I've ever worn. I'm totally staying away from sclera lenses. My boyfriend wants a set. Putting them in kinda turns my stomach....

      Thanks! The hoop had a ball in it, a captive bead, but I accidentally knocked it out when I was cleaning a little too aggressively so my piercer suggested I pinch it closed. He said I could do it with my fingers. I know it's thin, it's a 16, but I have baby hands. My boyfriend ended up taking a pair of sanitized needle nosed pliers to it. It all went well until he stabbed me with them. I'm such a big baby I've called my piercer every time something looks wrong, lmao. If he wasn't my sister's boyfriend, he'd probably yell at me for being such a nervous Nancy!

      Upon the suggestion of another piercing enthusiast, I bought some Provon soap from Amazon. It's antimicrobial and has saved me a lot of pain and stress from using the Bactine like my other tattoo artist friend recommended. I wanna punch him in the kidney.

      I don't think I'll get anymore. I'm going to stretch my ears now! My boyfriend is up to something like a 3/8th of an inch and wants to go bigger. he's just running out of lobe.

  2. It looks super natural on you! Good choice ♥

    1. Thank you! They chose the gray for me, and I'm glad. It wasn't a choice I'd have made myself. I definitely enjoy having lighter eyes every now and again now that I've used them ^_^

  3. Whoa I really wasn't expecting much either when I saw the photo of you holding it with your finger but the colour is really amazing and noticeable :D its really pretty <3

    1. I know, right! When I was holding them I was a bit skeptical about how they would stand out. I was hoping that it would stand out more in natural sunlight. It's got nice enlargement, though. I'm pleased with the product. I'm thinking my next lenses will be blue! I've always wanted blue eyes!


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