17 March 2015

Today's Hair Attempt

I wanted to do something a little different now that I darkened my hair up.

Here's the results from last night's color:

It's slightly darker than usual, but my friend (who picked up my color) couldn't find my usual Garnier color and picked me up a dark John Frieda color, instead.

While watching cartoons and having my coffee this morning, I wanted to try something different, so I tried this 40's inspired hair that I watched a youtube tutorial on earlier. It didn't work out. 

Then I wanted to do a twist braid and side bun. 

These are my results: 

I loved the concept and result, but the bun was so heavy that it wouldn't hold even with something like ten pins in it. 

I gave up and went back to my high pony. 

Maybe I'll try again later!


  1. The style looks quite pretty but the weight doesn't nice at all. At least you tried something different :)

    1. I think it's because my hair is down to my butt! I have to find more styles that are better suited to long hair ^_^

  2. Really love the color :) it looks so shiny and healthy! And don't worry, anytime I try to do something different with my hair it feels like a fail as well lol.


    1. It's fresh hair color and super conditioned. It generally doesn't look this healthy, haha!

      I've got my bestie doing a fishtail braid on me as we speak, so hopefully that will look better!

  3. wow im so jealous of your hair! i guess the only down side is the weight xD maybe try 50 hair pins next time hahahahaha joking~

    1. I think that is maybe five years of growth? I take hair vitamins and it makes my hair grow SOOO fast.

      Yes! I'll use like 100 pins! I'm thinking that maybe next time I'm going to try to use my spin pins along with the regular pins. Spin pins are a gift from the gods for buns!


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