12 March 2015

Versatile Blogger Award

I was nominated by the extremely sweet Claudia from http://toomanybiases.blogspot.pt/ for this award. I was speechless, since I'm still a smaller blog! Thank you, darling!

Here's how this works: I now nominate 15 bloggers I feel that deserve the award, and then offer up 7 facts about myself. 

Let's get down to business. 

I nominate: 

Tomtins from tomntins.blogspot.kr
Rowena from rolalaloves.com
Emi and Lea from emixlea.blogspot.com
Tokki Baby from hellotokki.blogspot.com
Fraulein Schnee from berriesinthesnow.com
Shini Lola from shinilola.com
Reni Cesillia from rinicesillia.com
Cominica from cominica.net

I started to run out of favorite blogs I follow, so I hope thirteen is ok!

Now for the seven facts. 

1. Before I got sick for this weird balance issue, I was going to school to be a nurse. My cousin, who is the head of nursing at my local hospital, inspired me to follow my dream of nursing. While I still haven't finished, I'm still sharp on my skills and can pretty easily help diagnose illnesses and throw facts about different medications at you like I'm reciting the alphabet. 

My knowledge of drugs is a bit scary.

2. My boyfriend and I have a dog kennel that does breeding and rescue. We currently have five pitbulls, two of which are rescues. All puppies we produce are tenth generation super pedigree, meaning we can sell them for an upwards of $1500 USD. Don't take this as we are a puppy mill, please. We only breed once a year, and after five litters (over the course of five years) we are done breeding that particular female. It is bad for the health of the dog, and we are not the type to be irresponsible with our dogs. We always do home checks before a puppy is ever sold and make our buyers sign contracts agreeing that if we ever hear or witness that our puppies are being mistreated that we can return to the home and take the dog back. They must also agree to bring the puppy back to us before they consider taking it to a shelter. We are in the business of furever homes, not temporary. A dog is for life, not a trend or for now.

Puppy from the last litter - the ONLY puppy. Bella had just one.

3. I love watching people having blood drawn, or the correct and perfect insertion of an IV catheter, but I hate needles so much I have to be sedated at the dentist so he can give me the shots to work on or clean my teeth. 

How I feel when the phlebotomist enters the room

4. My kid is really gullible and I'm really good at lying. I told her the reason that the world didn't end in December 2012 was because The Doctor saved us. 

She believed me for a good month until I asked if she wanted to meet The Doctor. 

Then I showed her Doctor Who and she's been a little Whovian ever since. 

Me on the inside as girl child believed the Doctor saved us.

5. I have a sick fascination with drag queens, so much that to the point that I almost wish I was a man so I could be a drag queen. I'd be like Willam, very crass and wouldn't give a damn about what people thought. My drag name would be Momo, because I'd be one hell of a peach. 

My drag inspiration

6. I never go to the salon. I do my own nails, color and eyebrows, and my boyfriend cuts my hair. He's not trained, he just knows where to snip because his hair is as long as mine. We're mermaid hair twins. 

How I feel when I take my hair down for the day.

7. I speak bits and pieces of about five languages. Asian languages are my specialty, particularly Japanese and Mandarin Chinese, but I can understand Spanish and some French. I'm currently learning Korean. Thanks to Azis Ansari and Donald Glover, I also know how to say "jizz everywhere" and "niglet" in sign language. And mom said I wouldn't learn anything from television.

If you aren't already following them, go check out the blogs I've listed. They are all amazing!

Thank you, Claudia, for passing this happy my way <3


  1. You're welcome dear!! Very interesting facts, glad to know more about you :D

    1. It was a bit of a struggle to pick out facts! I have so many random things about me that I had to narrow them down to my favorites. I may do future posts about random things about my life!

  2. great post, enjoyed reading :)

    - www.angelaah91.blogspot.nl

  3. thank you for nominating me for the award!^^


    1. You're welcome! You're awesome and deserve it!

  4. Yay thank you so much! I'll definitely be doing this as soon as my backlog runs out :D You sound like such an interesting person as well, such unique interests but very intriguing to hear about :)

    1. I can't wait to see your facts! I really enjoy reading your blog.

      Those are basic facts, lmao. I am a pretty weird chick when it comes right down to it. Sometimes I wonder why my boyfriend and sister even bother taking me out in public. My sense of humor is a little... shall we say morbid?

  5. Thanks for the nomination!!!
    Had fun reading your facts, we are also both big fans of Doctor Who and I find it really funny that you tricked your daughter that he saved the world (But well he has done so many times:P )

    1. The both of you deserve it! I love reading your blog and seeing your photo tutorials.

      Whovians unite! I cannot believe my daughter fell for it. She was 10 and past believing in things like Santa, but the Doctor is still real in her mind :)

  6. Congratulations on the award Vonnie! It was fun to learn more about you. It's really impressive that you speak so many languages. I'm trying to learn Korean too though most of mine is probably picked up from dramas. I want to actually learn it for real. Thanks so much for sharing the love! I'm really beyond honored :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves

    1. I think my blog is eating replies!

      You deserve the award, doll!

      I have found some great apps on my phone for learning on the go. It's been the best way I've found to learn!

  7. wow thanks my dear !!! kisses from Germany

  8. Awww!! Thanks for nominating me :D
    I love drag queens too, I can't pick one favourite but I really love Alaska and Gia Gunn (absoooolutely!!) hahaha

    1. I'm a Bianca Del Rio and Ginger Minj gal! I love my queens :)

  9. Nice post :)

    Follow me on GFC, I always follow back.

    1. Thanks! I followed!

      I am in love with your hair. Beautiful, darling!

  10. owner rinicesillia.com is dead by accident in bali.

    1. I had no idea T_T I am so sad now! She was such an amazing person.


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