21 April 2015

How Do You Use Lavender Oil?

I absolutely love lavender oil. My aunt has always been into using essential oils for all sorts of things around the house. One of my favorite memories of going to her house was when she would put different scents on a cotton ball and put it in a little holder on top of lamp in the living room. As the lamp heated up, the lovely smells would fill the house.

As I grew older, I started to experiment with essential oils myself. My favorite has always been lavender.

Through Tomoson, I was able to try a bottle of aVo Essentials Premium Lavender Oil. Click that link and it will take you directly to the Amazon page where you may purchase this product.


Like most essential oils, this oil is extremely versatile! 

In addition to my own tips, I'm going to share some of the tips I learned from Amanda from aVo Essentials!

Here are some of my favorite ways to use lavender oil in my daily life.

In the bath. 

Add some of the oil to your bath in the evening for a perfect relaxation getaway. Lavender also has some great antiseptic properties, so if you have any skin issues it will help to clear those up. 

Tip: Add some lavender scented candles to make your perfect spa getaway at home!

Make your own linen spray.

To make your own linen spray, add a few drops to a full spray bottle of water and spray your bedroom with it. I spray everything from the curtains to the bedding. The first time I did this, I slept like a baby!

Freshen up your laundry. 

One of the first uses of lavender oil I learned was adding a few drops to your laundry, especially towels, to freshen up everything. It's not overpowering with scent, so there is no need to worry about that. 


Lavender oil, like I said above, has fantastic antiseptic properties. This should be diluted before applying directly to skin, but you can apply it to any breakouts you may have. It's also got a gentle scent unlike tea tree oil, another popular oil used to treat acne. 

One way I do this is by preparing it in a little bowl of water. Generally about an ounce of water, add a drop or two, then apply to any breakouts with a cotton ball. 

Add to your shampoo and conditioner. 

To give your shampoo a little boost, add a drop to your hand with your shampoo. Mix it up a little and then just wash like usual! It's great for the scalp. You can do the same with your conditioner. This trick is great with tea tree oil, as well. 

Insect bites/bee stings and ringworm.

Once again, the antiseptic properties of lavender are there to save the day!

You can apply a drop of oil onto a sting or a bite to reduce itching and swelling. 

This method can also be used on ringworm infection in small children that you don't want to expose to harsh chemicals. If you will be using it on a child's sensitive skin, I definitely recommend that you dilute it first. 


You can soothe minor burns with lavender oil. One or two drops should be all it takes for simple cooking burns, or even burns caused by heat tools that you use for your hair. It also reduces the risk of scarring!

Anything other than a minor burn needs to be checked by a doctor, so shy away from the oil there and seek medical attention ^_^

Insect Repellent. 

Florida is notorious for having massive mosquitos, so I was so pleased to learn that you can use this oil as an insect repellent! Apply a few drops on a cotton ball and apply to your skin and those nasty suckers will avoid you like the plague. I think this is also very good for those with small children who don't want to expose them to the harsh chemicals in most store bought bug repellents. 

This method also works for things like moths and I do believe silverfish. Just a few drops on a cotton ball and place them in the areas that you are having an issue with moths, like a linen closet or a drawer. It's safer and smells much better than mothballs!


You can use the anti-inflammatory properties of this oil to soothe bruises. Just place a few drops onto the bruise and lightly massage it in. I actually have some on one of my bruises right now, and it worked very quickly to take down the irritation I was feeling from it. It even looks like it lightened up a bit!

This oil also has one of my favorite things to see on a package: not tested on animals. As a huge animal lover, this pleased me very much. The bottle is also glass and recyclable. The more earth friendly, the better in my book!

This is the glass dropper that came with the bottle. The bottle came sealed with a cap, and the dropper was in the box separately. This has made it so much easier to use than just a bottle with a little cap dropper like the mini bottles you pick up at the health food store.

This oil is completely clear and absorbs very fast. This is what is left of a drop on my wrist. From the time I dropped it on and grabbed the camera, this is how much it absorbed already. After the shot I just rubbed it all the way up both arms for the lovely soothing scent. 

Those are my favorite uses for lavender oil, what are yours? I'm always looking for new ways to use my favorite essential oil, so please share your thoughts!

Disclosure: I received this product free for review purposes. All opinions and thoughts are my own. 


  1. I've been trying to get into using essential oils more as they seem to have so many great benefits. Lavender oil was one of my first and favorites. I use it the most in my baths and I also like to place some in a diffuser in my bedroom because the scent is so calming and it helps us to sleep. I love how you use it to freshen up your laundry. I really need to try that :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves

    1. I'm addicted to that linen spray I made. I love using lavender in the bedroom because of the calming effects. I used to make little sachets with fresh lavender to put into the pillow cases. I may make them again, and add the oil to the flowers for longer staying power!


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