26 April 2015

I Love Odd Socks

Another one of my collections is a drawer full of strange printed socks. 

My mother always finds the coolest socks. I've got socks for every holiday, Jake the Dog from Adventure Time (they got me through the winter I broke my ankle!), Tardis knee highs, argyle of every color, enough Hello Kitty socks to keep my feet warm for years. 

I've had the chance to add another cool pair to my collection!


I was so happy to add this pair of socks to my collection. The website has so many different kinds of socks, in every kind of pattern you'd ever want. 

This particular design is from their Artists Collection. 

The pattern from these socks comes from the painting Dance by the artist Henri Matisse. 

With their Artists collection, you can wear your favorite art on your feet. 

These are nice thick trouser socks that are made for shoe sizes 4-11. 

They are super comfortable and very stretchy. The only downside is they are a little baggy on my size 6 feet. 

The pattern is very well done. It doesn't feel like your typical character ankle sock you'd get from somewhere like Walmart. They have a very smooth feel, non irritating when you pull them up to see the design. 

If you want to see more of their collection, visit the links in the top of this post. I guarantee you will find something on their website that will suit your fancy!

Disclosure: These were given to me for review purposes. All thoughts are my own.


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