15 April 2015

Inspiration and Song of the Night

When I was in my teen years, I had this obsession with Cabaret. I collected records at the time, and found an original cast recording during one of my record hunts. I listened to it so much I'm surprised the record didn't snap in half!

Then I found a copy with the ever great Liza Minnelli in the five dollar DVD bin at my local Walmart and was all over it. Finally putting a face with these characters - remember, this was a time before Youtube - made me fall in love even more. 

I practically wanted to be Sally. 

I obsessively wore green nail polish ("I think it's pretty! I think it's pretty, I reply!), would hunt down cabaret-esque lingerie in my local thrift stores, and learned all of the choreography. 

Of course I have a terrible singing voice, but that doesn't matter. Sally, as she was originally written, did not have a fantastic singing voice. Liza was an amazing Sally, she just wasn't the Sally that John Kander wrote. I was still in love, I cared not.

I wanted it all, from the rosy cheeks to dramatic lashes. 

How can you not just die over those lashes?

I even got false nails and wore them long like that since, at the time I was incredibly ill (story of my life) and my nails peeled back from malnutrition. But that is a story for another day!

I fondly remember finding a vest just like that at Goodwill, made by Bebe I believe, and making some hot pants just like those. Garters, stockings, the whole shebang, just without the hat because I couldn't find one at a thrift store. Just another depressing bit about growing up in a poorer family, I lived in the Goodwill. It had it's perks - I had clothes that no one else in school had other than my bestie, who shopped Goodwill right beside me. Wearing a Christian Dior men's tuxedo shirt as a dress? Yes, please!

As a surprise for my 18th birthday, one of my best childhood friends took me to see the show on stage. He made me think that we had tickets all the way in the back of the theatre, but in the end we were front row center. It is one of my fondest memories to this day. On the way home we sang through the entire cast recording as well as an entire Edith Piaf album. I walked around in a haze for days afterward!

Fun fact: did you know that Liza cut her own hair for the role because she felt Sally would have short hair? She also designed the makeup look for Sally!

For tonight's song, we have one of my favorite numbers from Cabaret. I'm going with the movie because Liza was, and still is, a huge inspiration for me. 

If you ever have the opportunity to see this on Broadway, or with a touring cast, I greatly encourage it! Not only does the story drag you in, but the dancing! *sigh* I loved the dancing. 

Have a great night, everyone!

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