21 April 2015

Kylie Jenner Challenge, WTF?

So apparently over the last week or so something has popped up on Twitter and Instagram where people are trying all of the wrong ways to get Kylie Jenner lips. Just in case you haven't seen the lovely hashtags, it's when people stick their lips into a hairspray cap, shot glass, or any other contraption where they can create suction and basically suck the air out of the container and it swells their lips up. 

I've seen contraptions before made for this purpose and didn't think much of them because I have naturally full lips. 

I never really thought much of this Kylie Jenner challenge thing because I have naturally full lips. It's when the injuries started to roll in that I couldn't believe that people are risking personal injury all in the name of plush lips. 

For the record, Toxy did her lips right - in a surgeon's office.
What fucks me up about the whole thing is people are using glass and actually slicing their lips open. 

Don't worry, I'm not going to post any pictures here, even though the nursing student side of me is weirdly fascinated with them. 

I saw a brutal picture earlier on instagram shared by Sharon Needles of a guy that had part of his top lip sliced out. 

Yes, sliced out. Like going to need plastic surgery to fix it sliced out. 

For the curious, you can see the image on Sharon's instagram.

So that case is rather extreme. 

There are also injuries that aren't as extreme, but just as awful. 

While the effect of this lasts anywhere from a few hours to a few days, even after the swelling goes down there are people that experience severe bruising around their lip area. Looks like one giant hickey all over their lips. 

And I'm all over here like: 

There are so many ways to achieve that look without damaging your body! You're basically busting capillaries in your face for an effect that won't even last that long, and you'll be taking care of the aftermath of the damage for longer than you had those damn puffy lips.

 There are plenty of women out there with natural, beautiful full lips. This isn't some new thing.

Have we forgotten about Angelina Jolie? She was my idol in high school, but I can damn well say I'm happy I never tried any home made device to make my pout look like hers. The most I ever did was get lipstick with ingredients that give you a "bee stung" look. Don't waste your money, that stuff is terrible.

What about the always beautiful Rihanna? If you look closely, you can see that even she has over exaggerated her bottom lip with makeup. Not some dumb ass device or at home trick. Simply makeup. Even without it, she has a gorgeous pout. 

Even Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Lovely full lips enhanced by color and gloss.

After seeing this whole challenge shoved in my face, I had to get this off of my chest. 

For now, don't be stupid. If you want fuller lips, learn how to do it with makeup, not by sucking your face off in a shot glass. Have a surgeon do it if you are in the position to do so. Don't do it yourself. There are some terrible repercussions you could face.


  1. Haha that challenge got me like.. (lol)
    Check out my recent post: laibahq.blogspot.com

    1. Thank goodness I'm not the only one who thinks this is ridiculous.

  2. Hear hear. Even Kylie herself admits that it is all a makeup trickery! Why must people resort to such extreme measures?!


    1. I've seen so many great tutorials on over lining on youtube. Rather than damage your body, follow one of those and look fabulous!

      I'm tempted to do my own tutorial, though there are so many amazing ones out there.

  3. I think the purpose of the challenge is to not actually have nice full lips but to have really swollen ugly lips hahaha! because those people would keep their lips sucked in a suction thing for 40 minutes when really it should only be done in 30 second intervals. i've heard stories of their lips not going back to its original size... they really deserve it nonetheless haha

    1. Their lips look like baboon asses. I've seen someone do it in thirty second intervals and even their lips looked bad. Maybe they just need one of the store bought ones. There is one that I saw that did give great results.

      I could see lips not going back to size! That's what you get for doing such a dumb challenge!

  4. whaaaa...
    I've never heard of this trend wahhaha...

    i think make up can make an illusion of fuller lips.. >.<

    1. It's super silly. Makeup can make the illusion, and do a better job!

  5. This challenge is stupid & reflects the stupidity of our generation. smh..

    And a lot of black woman have natural fuller lips & it's beautiful. You should noticed it.


    1. It scares me for this new generation. It makes me want to be an even stricter mother and raise my children to not fall for these silly challenges and fads. I even got pissy over them with the ice bucket challenge, mainly because I didn't feel it did anything for awareness and was nothing more than a publicity stunt. Their grandmother died of ALS before they were born, so I did make the "challenge" a learning experience. It didn't stop me from getting very heated in the mean time.

      What pisses me off even more is a beautiful feature that black women have had for centuries is now suddenly a fad. Something that I've seen my gorgeous goddaughter get picked on at school for, something that I don't get because she's beautiful. (She's got skin the color of coffee and cream, she's going to be a stunner as she gets older) Like where is this suddenly coming from? Naomi Campbell has lips that are to die for, and we never saw any sort of Naomi Campbell challenge. Maybe because they are natural and beautiful and not drawn on or injected.

      I could rant about this for days.

  6. That photo of the torn lip!! EWWW!! But seriously, this trend is going waayyy too far


    1. Yes! I couldn't believe someone would even go that far, knowing that they could potentially damage their body! It's sick, and I hope that young people learn from what these other kids are doing. It's definitely one of those "bless your heart" moments, because that kid is going to have to have so much reconstructive surgery just to fix what he probably expected to be a quick beauty trick.


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