18 April 2015

Sick: Let's Marathon Dramas!

For two days now I've been crazy sick. Yesterday wasn't so bad, but today has been nothing but running fever and a running nose. My poor nose is raw from blowing and wiping it :(

So for two days now I've been holed up in my room for the most part marathoning shows on Drama Fever

I had been working through Emergency Couple since I love my medical dramas, but I watched too much at one time and got burned out. 

For those of you who haven't seen it, it's a really cute series about a couple who divorced years ago and then meets once again when they are on the same team during their medical internship. As you can imagine, chaos ensues and old feelings are brought to the surface. At times it can be a little hokey, and sometimes the acting is a little shaky, but hot damn Lee Pil-mo is good looking. I'll return to this one when I'm ready. 

Then I started watching Kill Me, Heal Me. 

This show has a pretty interesting concept. The lead male in this series has dissociative identity disorder, more commonly known as multiple personality disorder. All in all he has twenty different personalities, ranging from violent to straight up goofy. He meets a woman who works in the psych department of the local hospital, and away the story goes. 

What I love about this is the lead role, played by Ji Sung, needs an actor that is very versatile. He has to play so many different characters, all with distinct personalities that are so different from his main personality, Cha Do Hyun. At first I wasn't impressed because he looks rather plastic to me, like he's wearing too much makeup or has had too much surgery done to his face. He surprised the hell out of me. So far, my favorite personality is Perry Park!

I haven't gotten as far into this one as I have emergency couple. I was using this as a filler for...

OMG, please tell me someone else who reads this blog watches Sensory Couple too, so we can fangirl or whatever about what's happening in the show!

This weeks episodes were insane! Like I'm so insanely addicted that I can't put my feelings into words, I just sit here flapping my hands like a baby seal or something. 

The twists and turns in these last two episodes have had me all but barfing rainbows, like that poor little gnome above. The whole "who is the killer" thing, and trying to figure it out has had me hooked! I dug out all of the clue reading skills I learned from watching Murder She Wrote (yeah, showin' my age) and all of the real life murder mystery shows I watch with my mother. Like woah, I did not see that coming!

So that's how I've been spending my days. Bundled up with the dog, watching dramas and squealing every now and again at a frequency that has made my dog howl with me. 

If my fever and breathing don't get back to normal soon, I may end up in the emergency room. I have a doctor's appointment in the next week (I think), so if I can hold off until then I won't have to shell out the few thousand dollars that the ER charges you just to be seen if you don't have health insurance. They will take care of you then and there, of course, but then the bills start to roll in. Not a fun thing.

Come on, America, get with the program and take care of your people. No wonder so many Americans are so sick and unhappy. It costs way too much to go to a real doctor! I go to a clinic that adjusts for your income level so I only pay $20, but my specialists that I have to go to cost so much more. Just to get my eyes checked and get new glasses cost me $400. 

It's insane and out of control here, the cost to stay healthy when you have medical issues. 


  1. As much as I hate being sick, its always a good reason to be lazy for a few days haha! Plus no one can get mad at you for eating everything in the house and hiding in bed for 12 hours. I haven't see any of the shows you mentioned, but they all seem interesting! Definitely might have to check out the site you listed that you watch them on, as Netflix has been a little stale lately.

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has been a little bored with netflix lately. I tend to watch the same three series over and over again. I watch the crap out of Bob's Burgers.

      There are tons of great things on DramaFever. They have Korean, Chinese, and even Spanish dramas. It's a nice little side adventure when Netflix gets a little too boring.


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