04 April 2015

[Sponsored Review] Flower Series Purple Circle Lenses From Lenscircle.com

I have another lens review for you today!

The amazing people at lenscircle.com sent me a pair or the Flower Series Circle Lenses in Purple to review.

Here is some information about these lenses:

Diameter: 14.8mm
Base Curve Radius: 8.8mm
C.T.: 0.07mm (-3.00)
Water Content: 42%
Life: One Year
Power Range: Plano (0.00)
Manufacturer: Geo Medical Inc.

I was expecting a box, since the last two pairs I've gotten have been in a neat little box, but Lens Circle sent mine in an envelope, still very neatly packaged to prevent any damage during shipping ^_^

This is everything that came in the envelope. I was so surprised to see such cute packaging! I think the little leopard bag is tops. 

Inside the leopard bag was this: 

Very tightly packaged to prevent damage during shipping. 

And now we dive into the bubble wrap! (always my favorite part!

As you can see, there are my lenses and that super cute little case. There is also their card as well as a lens care card, which I thought was very helpful. It's got a permanent spot in my makeup box now!

And here we have the bottle detail. Does it make me sound weird that I have started a little collection of bottles? I think I'm going to make a craft project out of them!

These lenses are produced by Geo Medical, and each bottle has a seal of authenticity, where you scrape off the silver part to find a number, almost like a vin number on a car.


This is a closeup of the seal. 

When I first started to get into lenses, I quickly learned that Geo Medical lenses are counterfeited. A lot. These counterfeit lenses can do so much damage to your eyes, so I was grateful to see the seal and have that peace of mind that I was getting the real deal, which I would fully expect from Lens Circle - these people don't play when it comes to your eyes!

Once you scrape off the silver, you go to the site on the tag and enter it into their system, and they will tell you if you have gotten the real deal. Of course, I did!

I got both lenses in 0.00 since I like to wear mine under my glasses. 

I had a hard time getting this shot! I love the detail on these lenses. They are so beautiful. 

I could not wait to get them into my eyes!

Both of the images below were taken with the flash on.

As you can see, they make a huge difference in not only the color of my eyes, but the diameter. 

I really wish that my camera could truly catch the beauty of these lenses. 

Once they were in, it was love. I was a little afraid of the diameter at first, since this is the biggest diameter lens I've ever worn, but rest assured - they are extremely comfortable. 

Here's an even closer picture of my eye. Beautiful!

Two days later, I went out and did my best to get some shots in the sun!

I was all but staring at the sun to get this shot, haha! That's why the rest of my face is cut out - I was making a really weird one. 

With full sun, you can really see the lenses on full parade. 

(Note: It's not advisable to look directly into the sun, it can damage your eyes. This shot was a snap and done!)

This is under the light of my lamp.

I think I took something like five hundred pictures! Only my favorites that display the lenses are being posted. 


I can't wait to be able to wear makeup again so I can wear lashes and the full works!

Just for fun, here is one of my favorites from the selife session that doesn't show off the lenses. 

These lenses can be found here on the Lens Circle website for $34.95. 

I fully recommend this series, which is also available in blue, green, gray, and brown. They are extremely comfortable and I think they will add  that little extra something to any makeup look, day or night. 

When you buy two sets of lenses from Lens Circle, you get a bonus Anna Sui inspired lens case to go with your order!

This is what the case looks like. 

Isn't this absolutely beautiful? 

Inside there is a bottle for solution, a lens case that matches the box, and a pair of tweezers. 

I love that this kit has a mirror in the top, so if you are forced to take your lenses out on the go, you've got a mirror so you can see what you're doing. 

Peek a Ru, I see you!

Lens Circle always has amazing deals going on. If you buy two items, your shipping is free, and if you buy three items you get 15% off of your order with the coupon code 15off at checkout!

While you're at their site, don't forget to sign up for their email newsletters, where you will be the first to learn about new products, coupon codes, and get other helpful tips and tricks. 

Thank you very much, Lens Circle, for sending me these items to test out. These lenses are now in my daily rotation, and the Anna Sui inspired case has a permanent spot in my purse!

Disclosure: I received these lenses free for review purposes. 


  1. Wow they are lovely Vonnie, I want to try some lenses, but I have heard some horror stories!

    Meme xx

    New post:
    '10 Things Boy's Just Don't Understand'

    1. I've heard some horror stories, too. With these lenses, since they have the verification code on them, I felt safe putting them into my eyes. My best advice is to buy from a reputable company, and if they do come with a seal like these Geo's, be sure to check the number.

      Thus far, since I've only gotten lenses from reputable companies, I have felt safe. My lenses from klenspop are all approved by the Korean version of the FDA, and it's a very large company in korea.

      Just do your research and you'll be just fine :)

  2. Oh gosh, I can't tell if I like the lens's or the bonus case better now! Anna Sui products are so pretty and that one seems like a pretty darn close inspired one, I feel like I need to buy a set just for that now haha. Curse you free gifts :x


    1. I fell in love with the bonus case on sight. I really like how well it goes in my bag and is easy to carry my full kit.

  3. The lens it's so cool :-)
    Great blog!!!
    I follow you! Follow Back?


  4. oh wow =) <3 thes is so cool =)


  5. The design is really pretty!! :) Have you ever thought of getting circles lens in your prescription?

    1. I have, but I only need my glasses for certain things. Most of the time I don't have to wear them. This may change after my eye appointment this month. If it does, I will definitely start getting them in the powers I need. My right eye is steadily getting worse, to the point it's blurry almost all of the time now. Before I only needed them for driving or if I was going to be on the computer for long periods of time.


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