22 April 2015

Treat Your Self 2015!

I am like crazy happy right now. I just got a gift card from a review I did in the past, and now I don't know what to do with it!

I know I have two different things that must be done: I'm buying my sister a Rob Zombie shirt like the one she had to leave behind when she and her ex-husband split, and an Otep shirt for my nephew.

He's got Asperger's Syndrome, which on the high end of the autism spectrum. One of the things that falls under this category is the inability to communicate and socialize effectively. Yes, he communicates. The boy never shuts up. But he can't seem to get on that same level with the other kids on a more social level. He's a lot smarter than the peers in his class, and has a brain that can hold so much information it's insane. I can remember looking at a bird picture book when he was two, and rather than telling me the common names for all of the birds, he went through and gave me all of the scientific names. Unfortunately, the school he is in is not experienced with dealing with high end autistic children and they have put him in a class filled with mostly low end students that are doing work that is one or two grade levels lower than what he should be doing. Taking this into account, he gets bored very easily, and when he gets bored he can get destructive. This has led to him getting into tons of trouble, even getting to the point that he actually told his teacher that he wanted to kill himself. This isn't something that a ten year old needs to be saying.

While I was browsing through shirts, I found the perfect shirt that says "you are not alone" on it, to remind him that no matter how bad it gets, he's not alone. He still has his family that loves him and cares about him enough to try to get him into a better school, and not take any crap from the teachers who have been bullying him. He assistant principal has been pushing him and pushing him, trying to get my sister to take him out of that school and move him to a school an hour away.

Fuck that noise.

So between those shirts, that's going to kill around $80 I imagine, maybe $60 if I'm lucky.

Since I've already got my doctor's appointment covered (thanks, mom, I love you!), I'm going to end up using the rest of this to spoil the crap out of myself.

The first thing I want to do is get my nails done.

I want Adore Delano nails!

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I also want to spoil myself at my favorite online stores, like Wishtrend, W2Beauty, and Klenspop or Lens Circle. I know I want some new lenses. I saw some on a person the other day on instagram and they were amazing. Looked like hurricane eyes!

This is one of my absolute favorite creams, and I plan on getting some from Wistrend. It is great - it exfoliates your face as you sleep, and kicks blackheads to the curb. I even wake up feeling fresh as far as my face goes. I usually wake up with oily face if I use the wrong moisturizer, and this kicks that in the butt. 

I'm so happy right now that I don't even know what to get for myself other than nails and that cream. 

I'll eventually come down from my high and pick something!


  1. I feel sorry for your nephew but I also don't know if i should blame the teachers either because I don't think they got taught how to deal with all those kinds of thing. Well i know i'm not...It's only one chapter in one of my books and it only lightly touches base on very mild autism.

    Ooo i need to get that cream, my nose is blackhead central and idk how to get rid of them!:(

    1. Honestly, I do say it is part of the teachers and the school board. My town is very small and doesn't get as much funding for education as larger cities do. When children have disabilities we just don't have the staff to handle it. There are those trained to handle those who are on the very low functioning end of the spectrum of mental disability, but that is about it. I also lay blame on those who do nothing but bitch about it and don't try to change it. My sister and I have written countless letters asking for answers only to get no response. We need to have more than just a few of us concerned parents and family members step up and try to make change ourselves if no one is going to help us.

      That cream is amazing. I have used it several times with great results. To kick my blackheads I use a scrub by Garnier with charcoal, plus a bamboo charcoal infused konjac sponge. I've also taken to using jojoba oil as a moisturizer and that seems to help keep them gone, as well. I'm not sure how it does it since it's more of an anti-inflammatory than anything. Maybe it's not doing anything but making my face feel nice. I don't know, I just know I've seen improvement since adding it to my routine ^_^


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