19 April 2015

Weight Struggles + A New Plan

I've never been one who was into working out. Even in the depths of my eating disorder it wasn't about getting that runner's high or any sort of adrenaline high, whatever. It was solely for the purpose of burning calories because I wasn't thin enough. 

Since I've been all but housebound, I've decided I need to do something about my weight. Having limited activities means that I have packed on pounds like no one's business. I'm currently at my highest weight ever, which I really don't want to share since I'm really embarrassed by it. 

So I've started to make some changes because I'm really beginning to hate how I look. None of my clothes fit anymore, so I'm down to wearing nothing but yoga pants or scrubs and a tank top or this really comfy tunic top my bestie gave me. 

My first step was to stop drinking soda. 

I haven't noticed much weight loss per say in pounds, but I can definitely say I don't feel bloated anymore because I'm not consuming all of the sugar. I'm not sure if it was all bloat, but I think my tummy has flattened out a bit, too. That's just one week with no soda. My bestie decided to go on this water flush, so I joined in and started doing it with her. The only caffeine I consume is in my morning coffee. Other than that I drink mostly water and a lot of different teas with honey. Echinacea is my favorite right now because I'm fighting off a cold, but I love green tea too. That I tend to drink unsweetened because I enjoy the flavor.

I've noticed now that I've stopped drinking soda and just drink water or tea is I crave water. 

My next step in my plan is to start incorporating little workouts other than just doing house work. That can be considered a workout in it's own right, but I think I need to do more. 

I discovered this person on youtube, Joanna Soh, that has some really great workouts, so I've been doing those for a few days now. 

I can already feel a difference in my arms!

I'm going to share a few of my favorite videos that she's done. I love the "work out with me" videos the most!

This first one is for arms and back, nothing needed but a towel!

Since my tummy is my other problem area, my other favorite is her beginner ab work out. 

I really enjoy her videos, and hope to trim up by working out at home!


  1. Good luck on your weight loss :) I should be doing things like this, I'm good at planning but not doing hahaha!! I have written down some workout routines I found on Pinterest that I used to do, maybe I should start doing them again...
    What I like to do is dance to my favourite songs or do some kpop dance routines before I go to bed~ since its almost winter and the weathers getting colder, I like to warm myself up by dancing so then I'll be all warm for bed :D of course doing just that probably isn't going to do a whole lot but its better than nothing

    1. I wish I could dance! I look like a flailing fish XD

      Baby steps. If it's dancing, it's something. My workouts are still very small, and I am having to learn to watch what I eat. At one point the doctor thought I had Celiac disease (where your body attacks itself when you eat gluten or wheat products), so I eliminated bread completely and dropped almost ten pounds. All I could really eat was oats and rice, since damn near anything that isn't fresh has a chance of being cross contaminated with some sort of wheat product I had a very limited diet. There's a decent chance that my daughter has it, so I'll go on the diet again with her for moral support. And a smaller ass.

      I miss winter so much! It's already so hot here in Florida that we have to run the air conditioners all the time or it's very unpleasant :(

  2. Good luck on your weight loss!
    i'm currently working on losing weight too but given restricted time and $$$, it has been a little difficult especially with my lifestyle.
    Thanks for sharing the video because it looks simple and i am definitely going to give it a try!
    Let's work hard together ^^


    1. Good luck with your weight loss as well!

      My best advice is to drink a lot of water and tea, and eat as much fresh vegetables as you can. I also suggest taking vitamins! If you are leading a very busy lifestyle and not eating right, your body can react badly to not having the proper vitamins and minerals it needs. Right now I take a hair vitamin and a multivitamin to supplement what the hair vitamin doesn't have in it.

      We can do this! Fight on for better bodies!


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