01 April 2015

Wish, Try, Love With Wishtrend!

Get rid of your acne scars with Wishtrend!

Watch the video below to learn how to take care of your skin, for all skin types! 

All products in this video can be found on Wishtrend. This is a fast sale, so be sure to get your kit before April 2nd! The usual price is 99.78, but right now it's on sale for 54.99. 

Even if you do not take advantage of this great deal, watch the video. It's full of great tips ^_^


  1. ohh perfect!!!
    I follow :)


  2. this is such a great review and product.
    acne is most girls problem! :(

    1. Acne is terrible! I hoped it would be over after I hit my 20's, but I'm 30 and still have a problem with it if I don't baby my skin.


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