29 April 2015

Women of Inspiration Wednesday

We've made it half way through the week. Yay!

Today was actually a very good day. My sister took me to two different doctors appointments and out to lunch and I didn't get sick once! I am really stoked. I don't have anymore headaches now that I have my new glasses, and my doctor was really pleased. I did have some tests run, so I may share the results once I have them. I should be called tomorrow. 

Because I am so sick half of the time, I tend to get really down on myself. My bestie was feeling pretty down and out about her life situation too, so I showed her this video that I found last year and asked her to watch it with me because I felt really inspired by what this woman had to say. Meet Maysoon Zayid. She is a really funny lady, and has taken what life has given her and handed it it's ass. 

Remember, no matter what life throws at you, yes you can can!

Have a great night, guys!

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  1. Oh this post is very inspiring,



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