26 May 2015


Summer is upon us here in Florida! 

And with it we've had some insane weather. The temperatures and humidity have been insane! Imagine opening the oven when you're baking, but instead of just a blast of heat to the face it's to your whole body. Welcome to South Florida summer!

It's the perfect time to break out the maxi dresses and sun dresses. I love maxi dresses because I'm a bit of a lazy gal that doesn't like to shave her legs on a consistent basis. With the dizziness issues, it can be a bit of a pain. 

Today's dress is from Libian. It's a junior plus size dress that is 97% rayon and 3% spandex, and 100% comfortable on a hot summer day! 

 Since I'm a bit busty (I'm a decent C cup) I chose the 1x. Rarely do I find a strapless top that fits well, and this one really does fit nicely. The only problem is it's really long on me. I'm just barely 5ft tall, so finding things that work for my petite frame is a little hard when it comes to maxi dresses!

I adore the mock embroidery on the front. Floral patterns are one of my favorite things in the world. 

You can get this dress at Amazon starting at $25.99 in the black which I'm wearing, or in fuchsia, red, and blue. It's incredibly comfortable and perfect for summer. It really flows and works well for breezy summer weather. I cannot wait to wear this to the beach!

What are some of your favorite summer essentials? 

Disclosure: I received this item for review purposes. All opinions are my own. 

18 May 2015

Song of the Night

My sister and I were hanging out with my bestie, and I couldn't believe that Liz hadn't heard of Group X. When the first Flash videos were popping up online in places like ebaum's world, back when you got to listen to the lovely sounds of dial up modems and dreaded when someone would pick up the phone when you were online and screw up your connection if you didn't have a dedicated line, I was all over the music of Group X. They are a comedy group, and their songs were some of the first to be animated in Flash and thrown up online. I suppose you could say that was the viral of the day? 

I'd go to my friend's house in the afternoon and he introduced me to Group X, minor hacking (Betty Boot was the shiz in an old chat room), and goofing off with programming. 

Where was I going with this? 

Oh, I introduced the girls to something that I used to enjoy back in the day. I can't believe it's been fifteen years since these came out. I'm getting so old! *cries*

Enjoy tonight's silly song, guys!

No More Physical Therapy!!

I had my final followup appointment with my ENT today, and he's so pleased with my progress. 

Apparently I'm doing so well, I don't have to go to PT anymore. 

My therapist was great and all, but getting up so early to have my head shaken around and have a CNA all but wave a pencil in my face for me to follow with my eyes while looking at me like they have better things to do was for the birds. That, and I was the youngest person there. 

So, instead of paying $40 to have my noggin shaken like a salt shaker, my doctor told me that I can do my own exercises at home, like riding my bicycle and yoga, both of which are great for balance. 

 I was beyond pleased that I could eliminate one bill. 

Then, on top of it, I asked for a certain motion sickness medication, and he gave it to me. 

It goes behind your ear and lasts for 72 hours, and stops nausea and vomiting, and hopefully will allow me to travel easier and do things like shopping. In a real store. Not online. 

I haven't been to a real store since I went to Walgreens in like March. 

I need to go to Sally Beauty Supply!

 My hair is dyed kinda purple right now (check my instagram for my instafail), and the purple is so dark it looks almost black. Even after bleaching. Yeah. I need to get better dyes. Manic Panic seems to suck if you don't lighten your hair to almost white. My sister did half blue and it looks super cool, but she took her hair down to almost white blonde while I stopped at a red blonde because I was terrified that bleaching too light would make my ponytail snap off. 

Either way, but shopping!

I'm so crazy happy right now. 

I even spent a good 45 minutes on my bike today to get a start on my new exercise routine. My abs hurt in that good way and my legs feel like jelly. Now I can kick some of this weight I've put on, too. 

Now it's time to get my life back together, get signed up for fall semester, and hopefully get everything back on track. 

13 May 2015

Song of the Night

Tonight was a little long since I had my sister and two of my nieces here with me while my bestie finished her shift at work.

I did have a great time trying to get Ezme to sleep. She was being a crank monster so I did the only thing I knew to do: snuggles and music from Song of the Sea. It worked. A little too well.

I look so terrible :( I've been running a fever for two days now so I look a little dead!

For tonight's song, I'm going to share one of her goodnight songs. Celtic Woman does it for both her and her sister every time. It's like magic. 

Our Irish is very strong in those girls, and they feel so connected to the earth when they listen to songs from the motherland, especially in the native tongue. I love those girls so much. 

Goodnight, all. Good morning to those just getting up. 

Oral Stericlean Toothbrush Sanitizer

Hi, guys!

Recently I had the chance to give this toothbrush sanitizer a try. For someone who wants to go into the medical field, I absolutely hate germs. I've seen the horrible things that germs can do, from just the common cold to making the entire body go septic. Nasty business.

I haven't done many video reviews, so I thought it would be fun to do a video for this product to show you exactly how it works.

Please pardon the blurriness, I am working with an older camera and trying to work the tripod I had for it.

I think this is a super cool product for those of you who are on the go, or just are terrified of germs and what they can do. 

The video explains it all, so I'm keeping this short and sweet. 

You can purchase this product on Amazon at the following link: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/b00bi9ww9y

Thanks for viewing, guys!

Disclaimer: I received this product for review purposes only, all opinions are my own. 

12 May 2015

Song of the Night

I love my sister so much!

I collect Monster High dolls, and the other day when my niece and I were watching Haunted, I offhandedly said that I would like to find a Kiyomi doll.

Today she shows up and brought me Kiyomi!

She's so beautiful!!

I know a lot of parents have issues with their children and these dolls because they aren't "the norm", but who gives a flying hoot. I like that they encourage little girls that they can be different, that they don't have to be like Barbie when they grow up. 

*steps off of soap box*

Enjoy your evenings, everyone!

Berrisom SOS! My Lip Patch Review

Back when I did my Wishtrend haul, with the Berrisom My Lip Tint Pack came two free SOS! My Lip Patch. I've seen these on quite a few blogs and was excited to try them for myself!

These are super hydrating lip masks have the main ingredients of collagen, peptide, and hyaluronic acid. It is super nourishing and even adds some volume to your lips!

11 May 2015

Song of the Night

The last few days I've been feeling kinda blech, so I apologize for neglecting the song of the night.

My sister loaned me Song of the Sea last Saturday. I've watched it probably a dozen times since then. It speaks to my Irish side ^^

Tonight's song is from the movie. If you like Studio Ghibli, I think you will like this. It's a really delightful film. Warning: I cried like a baby at the end!

100 Years of Beauty

Lately, one of the video series that has caught my eye and held my attention is a series called 100 Years of Beauty. In this series, they take a certain culture or geographic location and take a little walk through beauty history's past and show you different looks that were popular through different eras. In my Cinco de Mayo post, I shared one of those videos, 100 Years of Mexican beauty. 

In this post, I want to show you the rest of the videos in this series. 

Episode One: American Beauty

One day I have to try those victory rolls, I think my hair is too long though!

Episode Two: American Beauty

I loved watching these two videos and seeing the differences and similarities. Let me tell you, the hair from episode two has given me life!

Episode Three: Iranian Beauty

I really found this one to be interesting, to see the transition over one hundred years. It's amazing how different cultural shifts affected the beauty trends. 

Episode Four: Korean Beauty

What I really enjoyed about this is they did do the split after the Korean war, showing you what is popular in the South, as well as what is acceptable for women in the DPKR. I want to do a further post about what is acceptable for women in the DPKR, as I am fascinated by what is considered beautiful in a country with so many restrictions. 

Korea has always interested me very much because my dad lived there for quite a few years, not only as military personnel, but also on his own. Speaking what little Korean I know with my father on the phone was such a treat! He really enjoyed that I was also finding interest in a place he liked very much. He had always wanted to go back to Korean, and I was saving money so we could take a father daughter trip, but we just never had the chance. 

Moving on. 

Episode Five: Mexican Beauty

Growing up in a city with a high Mexican population, I can tell you that the 90's trend spread to the Mexican population of women and girls here. Selena was a huge influence!

Episode Six: Kyrgyzstan

This is one that I am not one hundred percent familiar with as far as culture goes, so I'm definitely going to research this more! I love how the state of affairs and what is happening in a place really affects how beauty is perceived, and what is either worn for religious purposes or even through cultural trends. 


I do not believe that this is a part of the same series as the above videos, though I adore seeing these sorts of videos. Vietnam is an interest to me, because my dad also spent time there when he was in his twenties. 

 I hope that you've enjoyed this post as much as I have had watching these videos. 

Which video or look is your favorite? 

06 May 2015

Happiness Is Forever Learning


Today has been a very good day. 

I managed to make it from my house to the Dunkin Donuts without getting sick, then made it from there to therapy, which is about five miles away, with no sickness. Yay!

After I got home, I watched two Monster High movies with my niece and got some really cool things in the mail. 

Here is our Haunted selfie:

She's such a big goober. 

The first thing that made me happy was I got my keyboard stickers! 

I don't know if you can see very well, but I've got my stickers to help me with my ν•œκΈ€ (hangul) typing. It's SOOO much different than being able to type in Japanese like I used to! I was having to bring up a keyboard reference and it got to be a pain, so I got these from amazon for $3.50. 

Then, I got my first Klout Perk in the mail!

This is a mother's day package full of Fair Trade Certified products. What's Fair Trade? This label certifies that these products were sourced from farms that are getting their fair share of their labors. For example, the chocolate? This group makes sure that the women who harvest the cacao beans get the money they deserve and the care they need for them and their families. 

In this package I got a bag, the dark chocolate and coconut bar, a jar of coconut oil, Tumeric tea, two pounds of organic cane sugar, that amazing box of cereal that reminds me of berry Kix, and a tube of lip balm. I'll do a bigger blog about this later. 

To put the icing on the cake, I managed to walk down to my children's bus stop, something I haven't been able to do in a long time. 

When we arrived home, this was waiting on my doorstep!

Languages has always been another passion of mine. I love learning them and communicating when I can. I already have a good bit of Spanish under my belt, as well as basic conversational Chinese (Mandarin) and Japanese. It was only natural to go to Korean next, because I take to Asian languages like a duck to water. 

To end the night, my boy child and I did a pizza night!

 We received this Red Barron pizza as a part of a promotion for BzzAgent. Again, a blog post will follow :) I just loved his smile that I had to share this picture. He's one photogenic kiddo. 

I hope you all have had an amazing day like I have. Goodnight!

05 May 2015

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Happy Cinco de Mayo, guys! This is always a fun holiday for me and my mixed Mexican family, a day for spending time together and cooking, and generally drinking. I have the Patron on hand!

For those of you who aren't from here in the States or Mexico, or for those of you who don't know the meaning of Cinco De Mayo, this day celebrates the victory of the Mexican army over the French during the Franco-Mexican War. While it is primarily celebrated in Puebla, here in in the US it's more of a day to celebrate Mexican culture. 

Having been with a second generation Mexican man for the last ten years, it's a time for us to go to his father's house and spend time with him, his five sisters and their kids, and whatever random cousins show up. Depending on what day it falls on depends on how big we go. Since today is Tuesday, we may go over and have a few beers and talk and laugh for hours. 

To start this post, here is the 100 Years of Mexican Beauty video. 

Now that you know what Cinco de Mayo is, now for the fun stuff: the food!

One of my favorite meals that they make on holidays at my boyfriend's dad's house is pozole. 

Source: www.weheartfood.com
Doesn't that look delicious? 

And what's better is it's really easy to make. 

While I don't eat cilantro on mine, I like to have avocado, lime squeezed in, and I eat it with tostada shells. 

It's a complete meal in itself with chicken and hominy being the stars of the show. 

Word of warning: don't get it on your clothes! When my sister in law makes it, the broth will stain your clothes red and it's almost impossible to get out!

Do you and your family celebrate? If you do, what do you do? 

Have a happy and safe Cinco de Mayo!

Liquid Liner Love: Rivecowe Liquid Liner

It's taken me forever, but I think I found the best liquid liner that I've ever used, short of the Chanel liner I used to swear by.

I purchased a Rivecowe liquid liner from Wishtrend and I've started to love liquid liner again. It's got a brush type tip which I think gives better control over the liner.

From the pen itself, it doesn't look very spectacular, just like a regular eyeliner pen. 

The difference comes in with the pen, which is more like a brush instead of a felt tip. This gives you some amazing control over the lines of the liner compared to the harder felt tip types. 

Just for fun, I decided to draw with it on my wrist. The tip is so flexible that I was able to draw this little heart, but not so flexible that it bends when you apply it to your eyes. It all depends on how much pressure you apply to the brush. 

 These are a few quick lines I did on my hand to show the variation that is possible with this liner. I tried to get thinner, I'm just not steady enough in my hands. 

I know a lot of people who have purchased this and have been unhappy with it, but I adore it. It lasts forever on my skin. Those swatches? Even though I washed my hands quite a few times that day, it stayed until the next morning. 

This liner is a total toot!

You can purchase this liner from Wishtrend. Click the link in my sidebar and check out all of their amazing products!

What is your favorite eyeliner product? 

04 May 2015

Song of the Night

I've had this song stuck in my head all day, so now I share it with you ^^

I love Sting, my dad used to play The Police records all the time when I was a kid. That, and he's damn sexy. 

Better Sleep With Vita Sciences Maxasorb Melatonin Cream

A solid night's sleep is always difficult for me to attain. Ever since I started on a medication regimen I have issues with waking up during the night. I have never had such problems. 

My therapist recommended melatonin, so I tried it in the pill form. I hated having one more pill to add to my nightly routine. (Too many pills equals constipation. True story.) I also did not feel that I was experiencing optimum results. 

I even asked my doctor for a sleeping medication but she would only recommend Benadryl, an allergy medication that would clash with my muscle relaxer I take at night for my TMJ. 

Once again, Vita Sciences came to the rescue with their Maxasorb Melatonin Cream

03 May 2015

My Konjac Sponge: Gateway to Clearer Skin

In my battle for clearer skin, I've tried so many different products. Very few products have worked as promised, especially sponges and other cleaners that use something other than just plain soap. I've even tried those brushes that spin. It ended up tearing up my face.

For a while there I thought I was doomed to have skin with constant blemishes. Even with the Garnier charcoal face wash I was using, I was still getting minor breakouts, especially toward that time of the month. And I thought I had that taken care of. *sigh*

The solution was the MY Konjac Sponge.

I was incredibly impressed with the performance of this sponge. Let me tell you, I was crazy skeptical at first. 

This product is infused with bamboo charcoal, another thing I am really enjoying in my skin products right now. It zaps oil and cleans out your pores. 

02 May 2015

Should We Really Rely On BMI For Health?

I'm frustrated. 
Flat out frustrated. 

Mainly because even though I lost weight (yay!) and feel better, I am still considered obese by the terms of BMI. I am just over five feet tall, and dropped down to 157lbs from 160lbs in a week or so by cutting soda from my diet and lowering my sugar intake. If I really think about it, I've lowered all of my food intake to be honest. I just don't feel like eating. I'll eat when I'm hungry but that's about it. 

Out of curiosity I decided to plug my height and weight into the BMI calculator at the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. BMI is thrown around so much when it comes to figuring out if one is considered overweight or whatever. 

Now get this: If I put my height in at 5ft, I'm considered obese.

If I put it in at 5 feet and 1 inch, I'm just overweight. 

I hate these words so much because I am otherwise a healthy individual if you don't take my vertigo and weird stomach issues into account.  

When I see those words on that chart, I don't see the words overweight or obese. I see huge. I see big fat cow, whale, fat ass, no self control. I see "you are just another statistic in America". 

This also stems from some old low self esteem issues and the fact that I've always had an abnormal relationship with food. It doesn't make me feel anything but low about myself when I see words like that. 

I am nowhere near as bad as some of the other people in my town. It's not an uncommon occurrence to see someone riding in one of those motorized carts at the supermarket not because they are disabled, but because they are so obese that walking is uncomfortable and simply not feasible. But when I hear my doctor say that I am obese, I feel like I am one of those people who will have to be carried out of their house by a flat bed truck when they die, like they will have to cut the side of my house out. I go from feeling healthy at 157lbs to feeling like I'm 600lbs and need my own show on TLC. 

It's depressing as all get out. 

So why should we rely on such scales like that, that give one chart for bodies that vary so much? We aren't all the same, and we have different needs for our bodies. Even when my sister was in tip top shape, because of the fact that muscle mass is much heavier than fat, she was still considered to have a high BMI. 

I don't get it. It's irritating to me. 

01 May 2015

Song of the Night

We are going back to the drag scene, dearies!

I adore Shangela, which I'm sure my readers already know. She's total uptown fish. 

This is her first single, Werqin' Girl (Professional). Nifty fact about Shangela: did you know that her drag mother is Alyssia Edwards and that Leganja Estranja is her drag sister? 


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