11 May 2015

100 Years of Beauty

Lately, one of the video series that has caught my eye and held my attention is a series called 100 Years of Beauty. In this series, they take a certain culture or geographic location and take a little walk through beauty history's past and show you different looks that were popular through different eras. In my Cinco de Mayo post, I shared one of those videos, 100 Years of Mexican beauty. 

In this post, I want to show you the rest of the videos in this series. 

Episode One: American Beauty

One day I have to try those victory rolls, I think my hair is too long though!

Episode Two: American Beauty

I loved watching these two videos and seeing the differences and similarities. Let me tell you, the hair from episode two has given me life!

Episode Three: Iranian Beauty

I really found this one to be interesting, to see the transition over one hundred years. It's amazing how different cultural shifts affected the beauty trends. 

Episode Four: Korean Beauty

What I really enjoyed about this is they did do the split after the Korean war, showing you what is popular in the South, as well as what is acceptable for women in the DPKR. I want to do a further post about what is acceptable for women in the DPKR, as I am fascinated by what is considered beautiful in a country with so many restrictions. 

Korea has always interested me very much because my dad lived there for quite a few years, not only as military personnel, but also on his own. Speaking what little Korean I know with my father on the phone was such a treat! He really enjoyed that I was also finding interest in a place he liked very much. He had always wanted to go back to Korean, and I was saving money so we could take a father daughter trip, but we just never had the chance. 

Moving on. 

Episode Five: Mexican Beauty

Growing up in a city with a high Mexican population, I can tell you that the 90's trend spread to the Mexican population of women and girls here. Selena was a huge influence!

Episode Six: Kyrgyzstan

This is one that I am not one hundred percent familiar with as far as culture goes, so I'm definitely going to research this more! I love how the state of affairs and what is happening in a place really affects how beauty is perceived, and what is either worn for religious purposes or even through cultural trends. 


I do not believe that this is a part of the same series as the above videos, though I adore seeing these sorts of videos. Vietnam is an interest to me, because my dad also spent time there when he was in his twenties. 

 I hope that you've enjoyed this post as much as I have had watching these videos. 

Which video or look is your favorite? 


  1. Oh I enjoyed the Vietnan 100 Years of Beauty


  2. I had seen the first two videos before on Facebook I didn't realize there were so many others in the same series! I love not only the differences between each culture but also the similarities, like with red lips and bright makeup occurring around the same decades for every video.

    It also made me realize how bland of a beauty generation we seem to be in haha, definitely would love to bring back those 70's and 80's trends! (or is that just me?) :P


    1. I didn't know about the last two. I'm completely fascinated by them.

      I don't even want to think about 80's trends, lmao. I was born in the early 80's, so I got to grow up during the height of the fun, especially toward the late 80's. I had the weird ass poof bangs, neon spandex bike shorts, the funky kiddie clunkie jewelry. I got a lot of hand me downs from my cousin who was a teenager during the 80's. The 70s and 80s punk scene, now I'm all over that. Through high school I had this obsession with punk and tended to dress like an 80's punk kid!

      I've got this thing for the 40's look, the whole pinup thing. My sister and I really enjoy it, but she rocks it the best. I think a lot of our hair trends are rather boring, except for the bright colors (I did it, never again, I looked like a total goober).


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