12 May 2015

Berrisom SOS! My Lip Patch Review

Back when I did my Wishtrend haul, with the Berrisom My Lip Tint Pack came two free SOS! My Lip Patch. I've seen these on quite a few blogs and was excited to try them for myself!

These are super hydrating lip masks have the main ingredients of collagen, peptide, and hyaluronic acid. It is super nourishing and even adds some volume to your lips!

Directly out of the package, this is what it looks like. It's really slippery, full of the nourishing goodness. It even smells delicious and fruity!

Once out of the protective plastic casing, it's very, very thin. As you can see, at the very bottom, I accidentally ripped it with my fingernail. 

And here it is on! It looks so silly but it's worth it ^^

Be sure to do this when you don't have a stuffy nose or need to talk! My sister was doing the My Lip Tint Pack while I was doing this and we communicated for the fifteen minutes through grunts XD

And here's my after! 

It didn't hydrate as much as I expected, like in the picture on the website, but I did feel like my lips were plumped up a bit, more than usual. They did feel soft, for sure, they just didn't show that fantastic softness. 

 Is this something I'm going to keep in permanent rotation? Probably not.

It's fun for novelty, I think, and that's really about it. 

Unfortunately, I have to tag this product as a boot :(

If you're curious about this product, you can find the link to Wishtrend in my side bar. Go check out their great deals, while your there! Remember, free shipping zone! It's a big time money saver ^^


  1. oh wow, so what I've never even seen that looks really really interesting. =D


  2. I've seen this before haha and i never really knew why people needed to buy lip mask packs since using lip balm would probably have the same effect and with much ease haha! i guess it looks fun though!
    For some reason it look like a gummy, and i want to eat it LOL

    1. I think they are more like a novelty, honestly. I'd rather slather on some lip balm.

      It looks gummy, but feels like one of those window cling things you put up for a holiday. After I peeled it off, it still looked like some jiggly window cling so I put it up on my window!


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