06 May 2015

Happiness Is Forever Learning


Today has been a very good day. 

I managed to make it from my house to the Dunkin Donuts without getting sick, then made it from there to therapy, which is about five miles away, with no sickness. Yay!

After I got home, I watched two Monster High movies with my niece and got some really cool things in the mail. 

Here is our Haunted selfie:

She's such a big goober. 

The first thing that made me happy was I got my keyboard stickers! 

I don't know if you can see very well, but I've got my stickers to help me with my 한글 (hangul) typing. It's SOOO much different than being able to type in Japanese like I used to! I was having to bring up a keyboard reference and it got to be a pain, so I got these from amazon for $3.50. 

Then, I got my first Klout Perk in the mail!

This is a mother's day package full of Fair Trade Certified products. What's Fair Trade? This label certifies that these products were sourced from farms that are getting their fair share of their labors. For example, the chocolate? This group makes sure that the women who harvest the cacao beans get the money they deserve and the care they need for them and their families. 

In this package I got a bag, the dark chocolate and coconut bar, a jar of coconut oil, Tumeric tea, two pounds of organic cane sugar, that amazing box of cereal that reminds me of berry Kix, and a tube of lip balm. I'll do a bigger blog about this later. 

To put the icing on the cake, I managed to walk down to my children's bus stop, something I haven't been able to do in a long time. 

When we arrived home, this was waiting on my doorstep!

Languages has always been another passion of mine. I love learning them and communicating when I can. I already have a good bit of Spanish under my belt, as well as basic conversational Chinese (Mandarin) and Japanese. It was only natural to go to Korean next, because I take to Asian languages like a duck to water. 

To end the night, my boy child and I did a pizza night!

 We received this Red Barron pizza as a part of a promotion for BzzAgent. Again, a blog post will follow :) I just loved his smile that I had to share this picture. He's one photogenic kiddo. 

I hope you all have had an amazing day like I have. Goodnight!


  1. great pictures, and funny pictures ^^


  2. Aww sounds like a lovely day, it's always so nice when you get things in the mail! Your son is so cute!

    Meme xx

    New post:
    'The Book Mouse Suggests: Watermelon'

    1. Thanks! He's a little ham when he agrees to have his picture taken :D Usually, he hides his face!

  3. good luck on your korean studies~
    i think i need to buy those keyboard stickers, i pretty much know where everything is but i seem to mix up ㅂㅈㄷㄱ keys sometimes D:

    1. Thanks, doll!

      When I first tried to type Korean I had that horrible gut punch when I figured out that it's not like typing in Japanese where you can type in the roman characters and out pops your characters on the screen.

      There wasn't a huge selection on Amazon, unfortunately. I ended up choosing what I thought were the best stickers for the price. Be sure to look at reviews if you decided to buy any, just because some of the "transparent" stickers aren't so transparent on a black keyboard. One guy posted a picture of his keys and they look almost frosted.


  4. Great Post. Lovely Blog. Really loving your blog.
    Following your blog. Hope you will follow back. xxx Keep in touch
    My blog new post is here

    1. Thank you very much!

      Definitely following your blog back. You've got some amazing posts, lady!


  5. I'm happy to see you had great time :D
    I want to learn Korean >w<


    1. Korean is so easy, dear! Unlike Chinese and Japanese where I had a very hard time learning the characters, Hangul is SOOOO easy. It's only been a good week or two since I started learning the actual writing system, and I can safely say that reading is a breeze. I can easily pronounce out the words, I just have to study my vocabulary so I know what all of these things I'm reading mean!

      The book that is in this post is a very helpful thing if you can find it where you live.



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