05 May 2015

Liquid Liner Love: Rivecowe Liquid Liner

It's taken me forever, but I think I found the best liquid liner that I've ever used, short of the Chanel liner I used to swear by.

I purchased a Rivecowe liquid liner from Wishtrend and I've started to love liquid liner again. It's got a brush type tip which I think gives better control over the liner.

From the pen itself, it doesn't look very spectacular, just like a regular eyeliner pen. 

The difference comes in with the pen, which is more like a brush instead of a felt tip. This gives you some amazing control over the lines of the liner compared to the harder felt tip types. 

Just for fun, I decided to draw with it on my wrist. The tip is so flexible that I was able to draw this little heart, but not so flexible that it bends when you apply it to your eyes. It all depends on how much pressure you apply to the brush. 

 These are a few quick lines I did on my hand to show the variation that is possible with this liner. I tried to get thinner, I'm just not steady enough in my hands. 

I know a lot of people who have purchased this and have been unhappy with it, but I adore it. It lasts forever on my skin. Those swatches? Even though I washed my hands quite a few times that day, it stayed until the next morning. 

This liner is a total toot!

You can purchase this liner from Wishtrend. Click the link in my sidebar and check out all of their amazing products!

What is your favorite eyeliner product? 


  1. I currently don't really have a favourite. but I think the best one I've used so far was by KissMe Heroine in pen form

    1. I haven't tried that one yet. I'll have to look for it - a girl can never have enough eyeliner!

  2. This liner look great! I always used Yves Rocher liners but I'm looking for a new one... HuuM... I don't know wich I will test haha



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