18 May 2015

No More Physical Therapy!!

I had my final followup appointment with my ENT today, and he's so pleased with my progress. 

Apparently I'm doing so well, I don't have to go to PT anymore. 

My therapist was great and all, but getting up so early to have my head shaken around and have a CNA all but wave a pencil in my face for me to follow with my eyes while looking at me like they have better things to do was for the birds. That, and I was the youngest person there. 

So, instead of paying $40 to have my noggin shaken like a salt shaker, my doctor told me that I can do my own exercises at home, like riding my bicycle and yoga, both of which are great for balance. 

 I was beyond pleased that I could eliminate one bill. 

Then, on top of it, I asked for a certain motion sickness medication, and he gave it to me. 

It goes behind your ear and lasts for 72 hours, and stops nausea and vomiting, and hopefully will allow me to travel easier and do things like shopping. In a real store. Not online. 

I haven't been to a real store since I went to Walgreens in like March. 

I need to go to Sally Beauty Supply!

 My hair is dyed kinda purple right now (check my instagram for my instafail), and the purple is so dark it looks almost black. Even after bleaching. Yeah. I need to get better dyes. Manic Panic seems to suck if you don't lighten your hair to almost white. My sister did half blue and it looks super cool, but she took her hair down to almost white blonde while I stopped at a red blonde because I was terrified that bleaching too light would make my ponytail snap off. 

Either way, but shopping!

I'm so crazy happy right now. 

I even spent a good 45 minutes on my bike today to get a start on my new exercise routine. My abs hurt in that good way and my legs feel like jelly. Now I can kick some of this weight I've put on, too. 

Now it's time to get my life back together, get signed up for fall semester, and hopefully get everything back on track. 

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  1. Really happy for you to hear this. You must be totally relieved. Celebration time! xx

    Sarah | www.seriouslyshallow.co.uk


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