13 May 2015

Song of the Night

Tonight was a little long since I had my sister and two of my nieces here with me while my bestie finished her shift at work.

I did have a great time trying to get Ezme to sleep. She was being a crank monster so I did the only thing I knew to do: snuggles and music from Song of the Sea. It worked. A little too well.

I look so terrible :( I've been running a fever for two days now so I look a little dead!

For tonight's song, I'm going to share one of her goodnight songs. Celtic Woman does it for both her and her sister every time. It's like magic. 

Our Irish is very strong in those girls, and they feel so connected to the earth when they listen to songs from the motherland, especially in the native tongue. I love those girls so much. 

Goodnight, all. Good morning to those just getting up. 


  1. are you ok now?
    I hope you get well soon.
    dont forget to take your medicine!!!
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    1. I am much better today! I've gotten the rest I needed after a trip to the doctor. I'm so happy!

  2. Thanks for sharing the song. I'm in need of new song on my playlist :)

    Oh Dear Bumblebees

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it! I've been hearing it since I was a child in different forms and thought I should share :)


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